Thursday, 10 March 2016

Special Lecture on ‘What ails the Judicial System?’

A variety of factors, collapse of public order, ineffective policing and delays in justice affect our society in an adverse way. Police, by the very nature of their functioning, are the most visible arm of the state and play a crucial role in the administration of criminal justice. With an objective of highlighting the lacunae in the criminal justice delivery system, the School of Law organized a special lecture on ‘What ails the Judicial System?’ by Mr RS Dalal, IPS, Former Director General of Police, Haryana on March 3, 2016. During his lecture to the students of Law, Mr Dalal expressed concerns about the rise in number of backlog cases before the courts and unusual delay in the justice delivery process. He also emphasized on the fact that the overflowing of litigation should be addressed urgently and the same may be avoided if the issues are dealt with by the executive agencies in an effective manner and within time. Having served as a senior officer in Police for long years, Mr Dalal shared his experiences including the challenges encountered during his service. He strongly urged everyone to combat perennial issues like corruption to build up a more accountable society to live in. The students were motivated by a documentary shown by him which was based on various phases of his service in Police. Mr Dalal also encouraged them to join Indian Police Services to contribute meaningfully towards the society. 

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