Sunday, 22 April 2018

NCU Takes a Lead by Helping Students to Manage Stress by Setting up a ‘Thought Lab’

The NorthCap University inaugurated a ‘Thought Lab’ a pilot project of the University in collaboration with the Education Wing of RERF (a sister organization of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalay) on 20 April 2018. NCU is the first university in Northern India to set up a ‘Thought Lab’ a novel concept for creating pure, positive and creative thoughts in individuals. It is a unique project aimed to harness the hidden and still untapped inner power of extra-ordinary resource i.e. the Mind of an individual. The NorthCap University takes pride in being one of the pioneer institutions in Delhi/NCR to offer this new concept for the benefit of its students. This facility is bound to act as catalyst for development of a robust mind to enable students sustain through difficult times.

The Thought Lab was inaugurated by Sister BK Asha, Director OmShanti Retreat Centre, Shri BK Mrutyunjaya, President Value Education Programs Brahma Kumaris, RERF and Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro-Chancellor, Prof. HB Raghavendra, Vice-Chancellor, NCU. The Thought Lab comprises of meditation, audio-visual aids, photo gallery, counselling, activities corner, research and spiritual library. 

The inaugural programme started with a beautiful solo dance performance by a young Brahma Kumari follower. Dr Aditi Singhal, Memory Trainer and Guinness World Record Holder in Maths, delivered a talk on ‘Enlightening Mind and Enhancing Memory Power’. By involving the audience she showed that concentration is most important to memorize anything. Law of Association, Law of Imagination and Law of Ridiculous enhance memory and recall. Sister BK Sudesh, National Promotional Coordinator in Value Education and Spirituality explained types of thoughts, the thought process and how Rajyoga meditation heals mentally, socially, spiritually and physically. 

Sister Supriya read out Dadiji’s message about the importance of the Thought Lab for self-empowerment and creative thinking. Sister BK Asha pointed out that meditation is a gift of India to the rest of the world. She motivated the youth to learn and experience the magic of meditation at the Thought Lab. This would lead to a positive attitude for learning, innovative thinking and elevated thinking which is ‘forgive and forget’. Shri BK Mrutyunjaya said that the Thought Lab would treat the pollution of the mind, help overcome various kinds of fears, give clarity of mind and lead to an anger free society.

Speaking at the occasion Prof. Prem Vrat said that attitude is the critical factor for enhancing employability.  A positive attitude shows you're willing to put effort into your work, and will bring a positive presence to your workplace and ‘learning to learn’ is the main attitude for success. Prof.  HB Raghavendra said that the Thought Lab had added one more dimension to the University and hoped everyone would utilize the facilities offered at the Thought Lab to develop their personality and change their lifetime perspective. 

The audience participated in a meditation session led by Sister Urmil to experience ‘inner calm’. NCU choir rendered a motivational song followed by a vote of thanks by Maj Gen Om Prakash (Retd), a Brahma Kumari follower. Student Akanksha Tikoo, Final-year CSE and Dr Payal Khurana, Head, CLL, coordinated the event.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Vth NCU National Moot Court Competition 14-15 April 2018

The School of Law (SOL) organised its Vth NCU National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) from 14-15 April 2018. It is one of the rare competitions in India which is being held on a pressing issue of environmental law with changing theme every year for which it has also been conferred the title of “Indian Stetson”. The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Justice Rajesh Kumar Agarwal, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Mr SB Mitra, Executive Director (Law & HR), GAIL (India) Ltd, Prof. Pushpesh Pant (Professor Emeritus) NCU. Justice Agarwal appreciated the efforts of SOL for highlighting such a critical and important issue of present day relevance, namely the Shale Gas as an alternative source of energy. The Moot Court Competition witnessed participation from Central and State Universities, National and Private Law Schools from all across the country. 

SOL NCU has carved a niche for itself, as a leader in Environment Law Moot Court Competition. The Moot Proposition for the Vth Edition highlighted the contemporary issues related to exploration and production of Shale Gas, with special emphasis on unavailability of land, displacement of local communities and mineral rights and ownership. The moot proposition was closely related to use of Shale Gas as an energy resource and the problems that are a part of production and consumption of Shale Gas. The moot court competition vexed to tackle the big picture question that whether it is necessary to have development to feed the energy needs at the price of creating a water problem. 

Eminent dignitaries from the legal domain, Supreme Court lawyers, corporate officers and academicians were invited to judge the various rounds that took place over the two days. Out of the 20 teams, eight teams qualified for the quarter-finals on the first day of the Competition, and four teams qualified for the semi-final round and battled on the second day to reach the finals.

The Final Round of the Competition was chaired by a bench comprising of Hon’ble Justice M Karpaga Vinayagam, Former Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court, Prof. Dr Paramjit S Jaswal, Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law and Prof. Anatole Boute, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in Energy, Environment and Investment Law. The final round witnessed exhaustive and enlightening questioning by the Bench. They asked several questions pertaining to challenges of Shale Gas fracking process and Centre-State relationship with respect to mineral ownership. The competing teams answered the questions in a commendable manner. The students received a lot of appreciation and sound advice from the judges regarding how to answer the questions in a Court of Law. 

NUSRL, Ranchi emerged as the Winner of the competition and awarded a trophy, certificate and a cash prize of Rs 40,000 and SASTRA University, Chennai were the Runners-up and awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000. Award for the Best Memorial of Rs 10,000 was bagged by RGNUL, Patiala; Award for Best Female Advocate of Rs 10,000 was won by Aiman Hashmi, Law Centre-I, University of Delhi  and Award for Best Male Advocate of Rs 10,000 was won by Mayank Jain, School of Law, Ansal University.

Quoting Sir Albert Einstein – “Try not to become a man of only success, rather to become a man of value”-  this lesson of values and ethics is what the School of Law, The North Cap University strives to bring across to its students. Similar lessons have always been brought up in the series of Environmental Law Moot Competitions, conducted by the School of Law and it continues to look forward to hosting further series of enlightening events and also to come up with the VIth Edition of National Moot Court Competition with another important and concerning topic.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Technovation 2018

To give students a platform to showcase their innovative ideas in the form of projects, the School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) organized Technovation – The Annual Project Day on 6 April 2018. Projects play an important role in developing innovative minds of budding engineers and it is an essential component for learning. During the event about 80 students of BTech Final-year, Departments of EECE, CSE&IT, ME and CEE showcased their innovation through 23 major projects from out of the many that were actually developed. Some popular projects were Elevate, Electrical Vehicle, Gesture Recognition, Personal Assistant Robot etc. 

The event was graced by the presence of eminent educationists including Prof. KL Chopra, Former Director IIT Kharagpur; Prof. BK Das, Former Dean RDIL, NCU; Prof. CR Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Everest Power Pvt Ltd; Prof. Amitava Sen Gupta, Mentor, RDIL; Prof Ravindra Ojha, DSOET and Prof. Swaran Ahuja, Dean Academics along with HoDs and faculty members of all the Departments. The visitors were impressed by the passion of the students, the quality of the engineering ideas and the socially-relevant projects displayed. 

They appreciated the level of projects and talent of the students at NCU. They also provided suggestions for improvement in terms of commercial feasibility and funding through the Incubation Centre. Technovation’18 would form the basis for the Best B.Tech project awards at NCU which will be declared during June 2018.The event was organized under the guidance of Prof. Ravindra Ojha (DSOET) and coordinated by Ms Amanpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Dept of EECE and Ms Sunita Pal.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Why an MBA?

Dr Sushmita Biswal Waraich
Associate Professor & Head,
School of Management
The NorthCap University , Gurugram

It is a very important question which needs to be answered when a student is planning to enroll for MBA i.e. Masters of Business Administration. It is here that for the first time after school, students with varied interests, specialties come under one umbrella, yet again. Students with engineering, non-engineering, medical, science, humanities, law, liberal arts etc. come together again. This is a really diverse confluence of students with a variety of interests with recently acquired knowledge from their respective areas of specialization.  

While pursuing your MBA course one gets ample opportunity to test one’s managerial abilities and business understanding. There is no other choice but honing up these two things. Irrespective of whether you are an engineer, lawyer, doctor or a pilot one’s ability to comprehend business is the need of the hour. Not only understanding business but also the market and the environment in which it operates is important because these contribute to affecting business either directly or indirectly.     

In today’s world, once you complete your MBA you opt either to be an employment generator (entrepreneur) or employment seeker (employee). In both the cases, business understanding and managerial skills are integral to your pursuit. Thus, the MBA degree is an opportunity to help you understand business functioning and give you a platform to develop your managerial abilities. Doing this will help you in senior management positions and roles in businesses. 

An MBA course is inter-disciplinary and at the least comprises of subjects from different disciplines like sociology, psychology, economics, finance, accounting, operations, human resources, international business, ethics etc. Moreover, with the changing times, courses contributing to running businesses effectively like data analytics, technology etc. get incorporated. 

The case studies, assignments, projects etc. which one undertakes during MBA will help you in understanding various businesses well. Through these, understanding the highs and lows that businesses face will make you empathetic and gear you up to handle them successfully. No doubt the internships and live projects help students closely understand the world of work.  While pursuing the course, it is quite pertinent for students to shoulder responsibilities, participate in different activities which will go on to help understand your strengths and weaknesses. Attitude building is also an important component of this grooming. Once you experience and experiment through different platforms, it gives you enough lead to apply and understand your interests and follow your passion. 

Precisely this is why, at The NorthCap University, while pursuing your management degree we provide ample opportunities to explore and identify your strengths and interests. Apart from classroom learning, through different clubs, committees and assignments students are provided platforms to unleash and realize their inner calling. All these together go a long way in making you masters in understanding businesses as well as administration.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Mooting - A Path to Success

LLM, Nalsar University (Gold Medallist)
Assistant Professor, School of Law, NCU

Pursuing Law has always been a very lucrative career option for Students world –wide. The traditional approach of undertaking a Law degree has been by pursuing a three year LL.B Course. But lately with the opening horizons for law graduates a new integrated structure for completion of a law degree has emerged which are B.B.A.L.L.B, B.A.L.L.B B.COM L.L.B etc. There are many imminent law colleges in Delhi / NCR providing such courses. These courses have an edge over the simple graduation course for law. Firstly these are undertaken after class twelfth itself, it is a five year course incorporating credentials of both the integrated courses secondly it encompasses a lot of practical quotient for skilful implications. One of the most important training given to the students is that of Mooting. The Term Mooting comes from the word Moot which means “Open to Discussion”. 

Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is a mock court where real court room exposure is provided to the students. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court. There are many advantages which mooting provides :It gives you the ‘feel’ or the thrill of being present in a courtroom, improves speaking skills and persuasion skills,  improves one’s writing skills, improves research skills, helps adopt great analytical aptitude. By taking part in a moot, students do not just show their knowledge and skill in handling legal materials, but also their ability to practise the art of forensic and persuasive argument in a concise and effective manner. Mooting also enables students to gain confidence as advocates in a courtroom setting. 

In short, mooting is a small but firm step on the road to a place in chambers and Litigation houses.  Despite the direct benefits that mooting would have for those interested in a career in litigation, many mooters do not choose litigation but instead opt for a career in a corporate law firm. Today employers are not only looking for people with good academic records they’re looking at what extra-curricular activities they’ve been involved in and for law graduates mooting stands on the top. The Bread and Butter for advocates is the art of persuasion with right analytical reasoning which is directly provided by mooting. Such a practice has become a part of the curriculum in top law schools in Haryana aiding towards their success.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Career Counselling Workshop by Ms Usha Albuquerque at NCU

The School of Professional Attachment (SPA), The NorthCap University (NCU) Gurugram organized a Career Counselling workshop by Ms Usha Albuquerque, an internationally renowned personality, on 23 March 2018. It was attended by over 500 students and faculty members from the Schools of Engineering, Management and Law.  

The speaker was given a warm welcome by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr HB Raghavendra, DSOET, Dean Academics, HoDs, Registrar and senior faculty members. The session focused on various aspects like individual career planning, understanding self, career exploration, career related experiences and clarified doubts related to personality development and important points to ponder while facing job interviews. It was emphasized that attitude, confidence, good communication skills and thinking out-of-the-box lead to success. The students found the session highly informative and useful and they interacted with Ms Usha Albuquerque about various overseas job opportunities and certification courses required for their future. Ms Albuquerque was highly appreciative about the high level of energy & enthusiasm shown by the students. 

Ms Usha Albuquerque is a former news anchor, film producer and author of several books on career guidance.

Monday, 26 March 2018

NCU a Lifetime Organizational Member of the Indian Concrete Institute, Chennai

The NorthCap University is now a lifetime organizational member of the Indian Concrete Institute, Chennai with Membership No: 12196 and has been attached to the ICI Delhi Centre (DELC). The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will now get updates on the latest technology and practices in the Concrete Industry. Faculty, research scholars and students will get the opportunity to attend lectures and interact with experts from India and abroad and collaborate with national and international agencies to create better understanding of concrete construction technology. 

Indian Concrete Institute 
Indian Concrete Institute is one of the leading professional bodies in India catering to the professional needs of individuals and organizations involved in Concrete. Being a non-profit organization, it is dedicated to the cause of disseminating knowledge about concrete, promote concrete technology and construction and to address the research needs of concrete. ICI promotes growth of concrete construction and its sub-specializations giving opportunity to participate in ICI conducted competitions like ICI FEST, which is a zonal meet of Student Chapters. Apart from these there are various other benefits such as access to ICI Archives, ICI Reference Library and most importantly the opportunity to grow professionally.