Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pre Placement Preparation

Pre Placement Preparation is crucial to help students gear up to face the professional world. Keeping this in mind, School of Management organized the Pre Placement Interviews on 22 April 2017 for their MBA students. The Alumni of SOM - Pushap Karan  (Macquarie, Investment Bank), Rishika Singhal (Moody's Analytics- Investment Banking Division), Noopur Gupta ( (Home services provider), Trisahla Bhan (Proviti), Abhinav Malik (Protiviti) and Puneet Khanduja (Mercer Consulting) – made it to their alma mater for this event. The interactive session started with the alumni sharing their journey from campus to the corporate world and then the MBA students asking a lot of questions. Following this, the PPIs commenced with three panels. Each panel dedicatedly spent an average of 20-25 minutes on each student giving detailed feedback on their strengths, areas of improvement, CV correction etc. The event started at 11 am and continued till 5 pm. 

Talent Search at SOM

The School of Management organized the 'Talent Search' – A competition based event from 18th April '17 to 21st April'17. The objective of conducting this was to identify and encourage students, who are self-driven and looking beyond their textual knowledge. It comprised of various competitions namely; Extempore, Video Analysis, Case Analysis and Creative Writing. Students from BCom (H), BSc. Eco (H), BBA and MBA took part in these competitions. Participants highly appreciated the Video Analysis and are looking forward to more of such opportunities. These events were coordinated by Dr Alpana Agarwal, Dr Mansi Khurana, Dr Saumya Dixit supported by students-Vimal Dahiya, Mahima Anand and Manu Jain.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Abhimanch Theatre Society presents stage play

The Abhimanch Theatre Society presented their intense path-breaking play ‘Court Martial’ at The NorthCap University, Gurugram on 30 April 2017. The play was written by Mr Swadesh Deepak and directed by the founding member of The Abhimanch Theatre Society and Alumni Mr Nikhil Malhotra.

The play revolved around the General Court Martial of a soldier of Bhaktarband Regiment, Sawar Ramachandra who is accused of killing his senior officer Captain Verma and injuring Captain BD Kapoor. The proceedings of the Court and arguments between both prosecutor and the defence lawyer were worth watching.

The presiding officer of the Court Martial, Col Surat Singh is a veteran soldier and known for his discipline and bravery. The play was well executed by the production team of Abhimanch which was led by Ankita Mehar and Rahul Ghosh.

The play was witnessed by people from NCR and we are told that some Alumni flew from Mumbai to watch the play.

NCU Team wins berth in China International Competition

The MOU signed between Delta Electronics India Private Limited and NCU in Jan’17 under the leadership of DSOET to develop and execute education and research projects has been extremely productive.

We congratulate three students – Vibhor Mittal (ECE), Tanyam Popli (ME) and Shivam Notiyal (ME) for being Pre-finalist team for the Delta Cup Event planned at Beijing, China from 24-26 July 2017. They are one of the three teams (PAN India) who have been selected in a national level Competition. They are currently busy in the creation of their Smart Machine model on ‘Self Check Out system in retail’. Dr. Shiv Manjaree and Ms. Charu Rana have been guiding these talented students. 

The journey in becoming the finalist has been quite an exciting and a challenging one. The University panel selected the talented students through an intense interview in January 2017. Delta Electronics India Private Limited made them go through an in depth training in a team of 77 students at NCU in February 2017. This was followed by the project proposal submission by the student-teams. Seventeen out of the 52 project proposals where then filtered by a selection committee at Delta China. This was finally followed-up by the domain knowledge online test in March 2017.

We look forward to their Smart Machine creation which would be showcased in the Final Contest in WJ, China by our students and faculty mentors Dr Shiv Manjaree Gopaliya and Ms Charu Rana. Our good wishes to the team for the journey ahead. 

Mr. Vimal Pandey, the HR Manager at Delta Electronics is pleased with our performance and has facilitated summer internship opportunity for NCU students as well. 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Chief Justice, Third Environment Court, Valdivia, Chile visits School of Law

School of Law, The NorthCap University organised a visit by Dr Micheal Hantke, Chief Justice, Third Environment Court, Valdivia, Chile on 28 March 2017. He was accompanied by Professor Stephen Stec, Professor, Central European University. Justice Micheal Hantke addressed the students on practical issues about the relationship of Justice delivery and economics. He said, “We live in an imperfect world and life is more complex than the theory of economics. Specialised tribunals should focus on merit review of cases rather than judicial review. A judge while delivering Judgements has not only to interpret the law in the right direction but also has to access the impact of the decision.” Justice Hantke discussed real life cases from his bench for proper clarity of situations. He was of the view that a holistic approach is the requirement of the day which is community based judgement. 

Expert lecture on ‘Industry Automation and Programmable Logic Controller’

The Dept of Mechanical Engineering and the Dept of ECE organized an expert lecture on today’s highly demanding topic of ‘Industry Automation and Programmable Logic Controller’ by industry expert Ms Ripanjeet Kaur, Senior Engineer, Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd, Gurugram on 17 March 2017. The expert lecture was attended by ECE and ME students from 4th, 6th and 8th Semesters.

The detailed lecture covered the following areas:
  • Industry automation
  • Latest trends in automation industry
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • PLC programming and hardware-software interfacing
  • Controller designing    

Ms Ripanjeet also highlighted the type of work and research that was being done at Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd and its various plants located worldwide. The future developments needed in the area of automation and PLC were also discussed by Ms Ripanjeet. The talk was followed by an interactive session wherein students actively participated in clarifying their doubts. The talk was coordinated by Dr Shiv Manjaree Gopaliya, Dept of Mechanical Engg, Dr Anjali Garg and Ms Shaveta Arora Dept of ECE.

Friday, 21 April 2017

At Deloitte Hyderabad

The two days in the Deans Summit at Deloitte in Hyderabad held on 13 and 14 April 2017 can be best described as ‘extremely thought provoking’. It not only provided a good connect to academic leaders but also gave an effective feel of disruptive teaching-learning process in store for us in the future. Some of the learnings from the summit were: a little nudge, world-class institution, expectations from millennials/ GensZ and sustainability of education for societal growth. It was an excellent exposure sharing our breakthrough theme- ‘Dream industry engagement for employability enhancement’. The NorthCap University’s Director, School of Engineering & Technology, Prof. Ravindra Ojha was invited by Deloitte to attend this meet.