Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Alumni: Journey, Milestones & More

The NorthCap University continues to be one of the prominent private university in Haryana and Delhi NCR with NIRF ranking of 110 in Engineering Category and Rank Band of 151-200 in University Category for the year 2020. NCU is one of the cleanest campus amongst the non- residential universities across India. The University aims at developing mutually beneficial relationships and lifelong connections with its alumni by establishing channels to build closer ties between the existing students, faculties and the alumni. Alumni plays an important role in the development of the university by providing voluntary contributions. With the introduction of 5 different specialisations namely Cyber Security, Data Science, Full Stack, IOT and Cloud computing in the B.Tech program by the University in 2019, the University started with a new initiative of associating alumni working in the different specialisations as industrial mentors to the existing students studying different specialisations. The main objective of this initiative is to motivate the students by conducting expert talks by the industrial mentors (alumni) to make students aware of the job opportunities and the current trends in different specialisation fields. The alumni also provide the current students with expertise in their respective occupations by assisting them in proving project ideas and mentoring them through the development as well as the evaluation of the project. CSE Awareness day was celebrated in Nov 2019 at the university where alumni were invited and one of the alumni also addressed the first-year CSE students to discuss the career prospects and opportunities in the field of Data Science.

The alumni of The NorthCap University have shown their support and by gracing various events such as project display exhibitions by the currents students, conducting workshops, engaging students to work on live industrial projects under their supervision, performing on cultural events conducted in the university etc. Visualize club of NCU organized a Doodle Workshop where alumni Vineet Gupta was invited as a trainer for the workshop and taught the participants different type of doodle techniques. The contestants then drew some exciting designs using the techniques taught and the best design was awarded a prize. Alumnus Mayank Raheja was invited for a retro dance performance on the cultural programme for International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Science, ICCIDS 2019 held in September 2019 at the University. The alumni also contribute to the development of University by conducting guest lectures, assistance in course development and study programs. The CSE Department organized an interactive session by an alumnus Shubhashree Dash, an employee at Deloitte for the final year students who have cleared the written test for Deloitte. A special doubt clearing session on the subjects like OOPS, Data Structures and DBMS acted as a refresher to students.

Moreover, the students have to undergo industrial training at the end of 4th and 6th semester as a part of their curriculum, the alumni has always played an important bridge in this aspect by providing ample internship opportunities to the students. Another important contribution of alumni is the pre-placement interviews conducted for third-year students. The proper-placement interviews act as an excellent opportunity for the students to interact with the alumni to discuss the hopes, interest areas and gather knowledge about the interview process for placements. The alumni working as professionals in different domains in reputed firms are invited every year by the CSE department for conducting these interviews and sharing their experiences for guiding the students during the crucial time of placements. In 2019, seventeen alumni having expertise in different areas related to IT Industry interacted with the students and guided them regarding the placements. During the difficult time when the entire nation is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the alumni have been efficiently interacting with the students and delivering webinars on technical topics as well as personality development sessions in order to upgrade and motivate them for a bright future. These interactions and associations have always kept the alumni-student ties intact.

The alumni of the NorthCap University have achieved significant levels of accomplishment in the early to middle stages of their careers in different sectors of the industry and are making the University shine. They are associated with reputed firms like Google, Amazon, Coursera and Citibank etc. Some of them are pursuing Masters in top universities like Stanford University, University of Illinois, Arizona State University, Georgia Tech etc. Alumni Vineet Gupta started the RCubers Club in the University is now running his own creativity and innovation startup and has been actively involved in social work. Alumnus Nidhi Manchanda has been associated with Teach for India Campaign and is now working as enterprise manager at Coursera. Another alumni Pranav Jain is now selected for masters at Stanford University in Computer Science programme. He has also made the University proud by participating and achieving recognitions in various International and National competitions during his B.Tech like Innovation Hackathon at President’s Estate, Google Code for India US, Happening Haryana Summit and representing India in Ultrahack 2016, Finland. University takes pride in acknowledging the achievements of its alumni and always look forward for
many more rising moments.

The NorthCap University realises that creating an interactive and engaging network of alumni is vital for building a healthy and progressive environment and is thus continuously trying to engage its alumni through different means based upon their skills, interests and geographic location.

Ms. Garima Sharma
Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Full Stack at NCU

The NorthCap University (NCU) continues to be the leader amongst the private Universities in Delhi & Haryana in the NIRF ranking, conducted by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India for the year 2020. The University has been ranked 110 in the Engineering category (Leading Private University in Haryana). Due to advancements in technologies in recent years, the University has taken numerous steps to reduce the gap between the Industry and Academia. Among the significant steps, BTech (CSE) has been introduced with various specializations. One of the specializations is Full Stack Development. Nowadays, Full stack Development is gaining rapid pace as an important professional skill for IT professionals. A Full Stack Web Developer is an expert who works on all phases of software development from beginning to end. Various aspects of Web Development are front-end, back-end, databases, version control, and so on. Companies are looking to recruit Full Stack Web Developers who are specialists in all areas of application development. The preference is given to people like a designer, programmer, and software expert who can play multiple roles. Specialist with particular subsystems, such as front-end or back end only, can't fully comprehend the broader view of the whole system development. However, it is difficult and time-intensive if several professionals are collaborating for the development of application software. Teamwork and scheduling also become a matter of importance.

At NCU, all through this vital specialization which is specifically crafted to provide a solid base for a good career to students. This helps students to articulate the concepts from theory with extensive practical knowledge through lab and projects for keeping industry requirements in place. The curriculum is designed appropriately with our industry partners which sets a firm foundation for a successful career pathway in this region. The courses under this specialization are designed exclusively in accordance with industry standards. This specialization provides a lot of exposure to the development process through practical applications and projects. It helps students to become an expert at Front-end and Back-end technologies by employing the most popular JAM (Java, Angular and MongoDB) Stack. It provides exposure to a broad range of technologies. With this specialization, students get the opportunity to solve non-trivial real-time problems and learn to create complex Server and Client-side web applications. The main objective is to align the students with short industrial projects in collaboration with industry experts. This specialization provides in-depth knowledge of the latest frameworks like spring, hibernate. It helps in building a path to a more lucrative and creative career in emerging technologies. This specialization provides brighter prospects for students to get more jobs in various industrial sectors and helps students to grab good placements with higher packages. The University is working very hard for industry readiness of students with an appropriate skill set.

A full-stack developer requires technical expertise and the opportunity to focus on the different technologies used during developing software. Some of the technologies are as follows:

· Programming languages like Java
· Front end technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
· Backend technologies like MongoDB, Hibernate
· Working with Version Control Systems
· Servers
· UI/UX Design

Due to digitization and use of software solutions among various industries, Full-Stack Developers are in high demand. A full-stack developer works on building techniques for each part of the process of web development. Therefore, a full stack developer capability is hard to obtain and individuals with these abilities are strongly in demand in the industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the availability of jobs in Full Stack Development will rise from 135,000 to more than 853,000 by 2024.

Neeti Kashyap
Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
Department of CSE 

Gurugram, Haryana

Thursday, June 11, 2020

How to prepare for Campus 2021 Placements @ NCU

The North Cap University is known for the best campus placements and SPA provides placements support to all the focused students. Now we have three months left before the campus season starts for 2021 graduating students.

This is the time when all of you must start preparing for earning a suitable job as per your competencies and aspiration. We the School of Professional Attachment joining you to help in your preparation for upcoming placement season.

Let’s start working step by step on key prerequisites for Campus 2021.
  1. Previous Recruiters.
  2. Understanding about the requirements.
  3. Evaluate & relate yourself.
  4. Placement preparation essentials.
  5. General Preparation.
1.Previous Recruiters:

Our last two years placements and recruiters are really help you understand about the type of companies visit NCU for hiring freshers.On the basis of those recruiters you can design your path for upcoming placement season.

All previous year recruiters detail are already published on SPA portal. If you are really interested for campus placement then you have to register yourself on SPA portal properly including all the required information with passport size formal photograph.

Research about at least 20 previous year’s recruiter as per your suitability and interests. Take all the relevant information about those companies likes,

  • What is the hiring plan of the company?
  • Is there any expansion or merger going on?
  • Track record of our alumni in the company
  • Profile they offer for fresher’s
  • Reason for choosing this company as your perspective employer.
2.Understanding about the requirements:

Each and every company has their different eligibility criteria for hiring the fresher’s from NCU. You have to take complete understanding about their requirements then choose the company to go ahead.

3.Evaluate & relate yourself:

To identify your internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats you have to evaluate yourself firs then relate with the organizational needs as a fresher. Most of the companies visited hear at NCU are very clear about their requirements which is plainly mentioned in the job description.

Check you CGPA first then match with the company requirements, if you are fulfilling those requirements then aspire for that company.

4.Placement preparation essentials:

Following are the essential ingredients for campus placements preparation.

  • Basic Engineering Knowledge
  • Aptitude test
  • Programming Language
  • Communication Skill
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Crisp Resume.
  • Stress Management
Basic Engineering Knowledge:

The most basic ingredient that identifies you as an engineer is the knowledge in your field of study. Companies are keen for engineers, who prove that they can call upon the relevant skills as and when required.

Aptitude test :

Employers use aptitude tests to help them make the right hiring decision; aptitude tests are an authenticated tool used to identify those who are best equipped to carry out any given role.

Find out the company wise aptitude test format as the employers are growingly testing candidates using computers so it’s most important to practice questions in that format.

Keep practicing daily till the placement season starts and don’t fool yourself and think you don’t need to practice as many questions as possible.

Programming Language:

It is recommended to be aware of at least one basic programming language thoroughly which may be Java, Python, Java Script, C++, PHP etc.

Communication Skill:

Communication skill with positive body language and formal dress code always get plus points for you. You are going to be tested not only for what you know about your area of expertise but also on how you present yourself at the interview.

Technical Interview :

Technical interviews involve calling someone to participate in a competitive situation and assignments which is more like an exam than a typical question-and-answer interview.

The purpose of the technical interview is not to evaluate you with intentionally phrased or impossible questions. Instead, it’s to see how you tackle real-world problems–like the ones you might be facing once you have the job.

Some of the widely used forms of technical Interviews are,
  • Pen Paper coding assignment.
  • Whiteboard assignment.
HR Interview:

The HR round is generally the last round in the recruitment process of any company. Good academic records and sound technical knowledge alone are not sufficient to guarantee you a Job.

Every company conducts an HR interview round to judge your
  • Personality, 
  • Strengths & weaknesses, 
  • Capability to handle the given situation, 
  • Job Fitment
HR Interview is also an elimination round.

Some important tips:
  • Research the complete information about the company. 
  • Honesty is the first and the foremost thing that is needed to be taken care of. 
  • Do not bluff in front of the HR manager, be yourself.
  • Try to avoid giving irrelevant answers.
  • Interact with the HR manager during the interview and ask some relevant question about the company and profile. 
Crisp Resume:

Keeps your Resume crisp & short preferably lasting for one-two pages which should contain your key academic achievements, highlights of projects and extra-curricular activities.

Explain all the relevant points that you have mentioned in the resume and this defines your communication skills in the initial stage. 

Try to picture in mind the achievements during your academics, which you have mentioned in the resume and you are going to tell during the interview.

Don’t write something that you don’t understand. 

Stress Management :

Many candidates find it difficult to handle stress level before an interview. 

Being stressed is natural but you should learn to clear it off. An optimum level of stress is needed and is natural with all of us. 

Once you come to know about it, you will be able to beat it. Do not bother about it. Just take a long breathe and nervousness will go away.

5.General Preparation:

Formal dress code is recommended for a job interview as your dressing sense is a part of your personality.

Meet the interviewers warmly and offer a strong handshake to them. Smile on your face reflects a charming personality.

It is really important is to be crisp, clean and sharp during the interview. 

Participate in mock interviews as many as you can with the help of your batch mates, faculty members, seniors and alumnus together with practice your articulation skill and improve it. Many of the student are lacking in this area.

School Of Profectional Attachment
The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Proud Moment for the NCU Family!

Ram Karan Singh, Professor Department of Civil and Environment Engineering, The NorthCap University (NCU), India along with multidisciplinary research team published a patent no 202011006274 (The Patent Office Journal No. 09/2020 Dated 28/02/2020), 11139 पेटेंट, IBF-VEHICLE INTELLIGENT BALANCING VEHICLE FRAME, field of invention electrical, ordinary application, dated 28.02.20220, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India.According to an aspect of this invention, there is provided a self-balancing vehicle Frame that facilitates to adapt to two pedals, two handles, two wheels and two self-balancing electrical systems for automatically controlling rotation of the wheels to maintain the vehicle in a balanced state, the self-balancing vehicle Frame comprising: two side Frame units, each of the side Frame units being adapted to be mounted with a respective wheel and a respective self-balancing electrical system integrated with the pedals allowing the user to stand to tilt forwardly and rearward thus driving synchronously forward and rearward tilt of the respective one self-balancing electrical system to activate rotation of the respective one wheel; and a bearing unit, before being assembled into a complete vehicle and while being under a subassembly condition, interconnecting and located between the side Frame units such that each of the side Frame units can tilt independently against the other of the side Frame units; and after said bearing unit is assembled into a complete self-balancing vehicle and in working status, the rotating axis of the bearing unit being set around the rotating axis of the wheels with an eccentricity.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

ISHRAE Installation Ceremony

The Department of Mechanical Engineering invited Mr. Deepak Dhamija, President of ISHRAE Sub-Chapter Gurugram, & Mr. Ravi Shankar, Member ISHRAE Sub-Chapter Gurugram at ISHRAE for Re-Installation of its Student Chapter at NCU on 4th February 2020. 

ISHRAE is an international associate of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), was founded in 1981 at New Delhi by a group of eminent HVAC&R professionals. ISHRAE today has more than 14,000 HVAC&R professionals as members and additionally there are 10,000 Student-members. ISHRAE operates from 41 Chapters and sub Chapters spread all over India, with HQ in Delhi. 

During the Installation Ceremony, Mr. Ravi Shankar identified NCU as a potential partner in Gurgaon Sub-Chapter, amongst other ongoing partnerships with premier institutes. Mr. Shankar then proceeded to call upon each successfully elected student to take the Oath for holding the Office of student President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Core Working Committee members. NCU Chapter has 27 student members with the steering committee constituting eight members from final and pre-final year batches. 

Re-Installation of the ISHRAE Chapter is expected to give a boost to the industry-institute interaction in Mechanical Engineering. The event was coordinated by the Society faculty advisor & coordinator, Dr. Akanksha Mathur. (MED2020O005)

Office bearers

R. No.
Nominations for Positions
Enrollment No.
Abhijit Kumar
Harshit Gupta
Jatin Kumar
CWC Member
Mihir Inglay
CWC Member
Varnit Mittal
CWC Member
Himank Taneja
CWC Member
CWC Member
Akshit Manocha

VC Innovation fund and its contribution to developing the future of the students

The NorthCap University provides a broad curriculum for students to acquire knowledge and guides to develop skills for the corporate world. The Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Scheme is one such initiative from the university to encourage the shaping of innovative ideas and to carry out basic research. Ten million Indian rupees fund is offered under this scheme aiming to encourage innovative ideas amongst research workers, faculty members, and students to seed research activity. The funding from the VC Innovation Fund acts as an initial grant to nurture ideas, passion & convert products into startups. The funded projects may also attract industries for commercialization of the product so made. The outcome of the scheme will be the nucleation of new ideas that can be transformed into commercial applications which are beneficial to society.

The scheme benefits students get to jump-start their career. The project ideas that students develop over the duration, sharpens the essential technical skills that students require in corporations.

 Furthermore, the scheme also promotes students to learn communication and management skills as the projects are regularly monitored. This opportunity also initiates the filing of a patent based on the idea/prototype made, provides support in participating in various National or International competitions and other methods of interacting with the outside world. The university not only provides financial support to realize the idea but also provides space to incubate and technical support to design and implement the idea to come up with a product of social cause and other related thrust areas.

EECE Dept. is one of the Dept. in The NorthCap University, which aims to earn a maximum of the funds under this scheme wherein the projects are mainly an amalgamation of hardware and software aiming to deliver a product for further commercialization. Some of the sanctioned projects under this scheme include power generation using speed breaker, smart car management system, Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) Disciplined Oscillator, Security box, Design and Development of low power WSN Mote, etc.

In conclusion, the VC innovation scheme has provided all the appropriate opportunities for a student to gain practical knowledge and thus helping them shape their careers.

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg, 

Ms. Ritika Sharma, 
Student-EECE Department