Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Industrial Internship: A Comprehensive Learning Platform

 Industrial internship is a period when theoretical knowledge transforms into its practical applications. A good internship can shape the mindset of an individual about the upcoming technology as well as real world applications. Six months/six weeks training provide opportunities for both technical and non-technical profiles like working on live projects as well as working on company’s assignments related to learner’s ability. This further helps in polishing knowledge and overcoming self-limits that can divert them in an efficient way by adding skills required in industries for their career benefits and creative learning experiences. EECE Department  at The NorthCap University, Gurgaon provides us lot of Industrial Internships opportunities for us to explore and work with industry, thereby providing us the platform to shape our future.

Career path:

  • Experience in industrial live projects can make students versatile and efficient for an extensive job hunt.
  • Industrial internship can make fresh learners more efficient in terms of manufacturing innovations with the help of experts of their field and make them industry ready.
  • Sometimes industries give live projects with stipend to students on a trial basis for a particular period, turning them further in recruitments.   


There are large number of universities that have collaborations with various companies which hire students to work on their projects and assignments, thereby giving them a chance to provide a unique solution of a defined problem. It includes:

  • Professionalism- An attitude of a person towards his/her work and towards people who are working with. Insight organisational working make freshers more disciplined and helps to understand work culture of professional environment.
  • Soft skills- To improvise their character and get a better personality, soft skill is very important for a learner. Presentation skills, report writing skills and workspace adaptability can explore career path and help them in gaining confidence.
  • Learning- Hands on experience on projects can conclude the theoretical as well practical knowledge that helps in creative thinking for tackling real world challenges and discovering new applications. Students can test their own calibre and creativity.

Internship is not only a comprehensive learning platform for freshers(learners), it also plays a vital role for companies as well. It teaches them to employ management and uncover young talent to their brand to expand their work ethics.  

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg,

Associate Professor-EECE Department

The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Mr. Uttpal Raj, 

Student-EECE Department

The NorthCap University, Gurugram                 

Department of Applied Sciences-My Experience

Department of Applied Sciences at theNorthCap University offers B.Sc. (Mathematics (H), Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with specialization in Data Science) and M.Sc. (Mathematics). Each and every faculty working in NCU has very rich experience and help students in every possible way. They help them find their weakness, strengths, interests and talents.

The concepts of mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable by taking real life examples and situations. Mathematics is not about number, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding. It provides us the power of thinking, the power of creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability.

Normally all the Technical education like Engineering, Commerce and Management has some part of mathematics in syllabus. So that student enhances their logical reasoning skills, aptitude skills. All the programs offered by the department are focused on the spectrum where brilliants are given scope and the average students are encouraged. Students also gets Scholarships based on merit cum means.

A person gets to understand his role, dreams and identity during college years to succeed in his life. One must not only focus on formal education but also real life experience and opportunities for overall development. A good atmosphere is one in which student feels the sense of belongingness, feel encouraged to tackle challenges, ask questions, trust others and take risks. A good and positive atmosphere is the most important factors affecting student learning. That environment is extremely important for students and for teachers for creating positive learning and a sense of success in and out of walls. It is also a connection between learning based on overall development.

We try to give a vision to promote and facilitate the knowledge and applicability of Mathematics in various fields. We also organize events, seminars and workshops every year to extend the scope of the mathematics and provide the students an opportunity to learn new things. That’s why the knowledge and education provided at NCU is beyond academics.

Our course structure is designed like that so that our students can become entrepreneurs, scientist, and academician in their fields. They are also able to clear the most competition exams easily. Most of our final year students get admission in IITs, IISERs, IISC etc. and premier Universities outside India.  Apart from the research jobs, students can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Business & other technical fields. The top jobs for mathematics graduate are actuary, data analyst, data scientist, statistician, game mathematician, programmer, cryptographer, aerospace mathematician, financial analyst and investment analyst.

At The NorthCap University students are recruited directly by big companies at good salary package. The job opportunities available for the students are not only great in terms of salary package, but also a satisfying job experience.

Dr Tarul Garg

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Sciences

The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Saturday, August 29, 2020


Having theoretical knowledge of any topic is the 50% part of any subject. Another 50% part of it can be gained through practical knowledge. This combination of technical knowledge is important for any engineering applications or implementation of problem-solving techniques. 

As a technical student, our University-The NorthCap University, Gurugram provides us the basic and advance theoretical and some practical knowledge of our subjects. However, with the help of industry based live project, we get an opportunity to apply our theoretical knowledge in real world problem. During practical applications we get to know about many factors which we have not learnt during our classes and which will have large impact on our project outcomes. The NorthCap University has number of collaborations with various industries and hence provides us support in getting live project opportunities in these industries. 

For a student with a technical background, the major takeover from an Industry based live project is “Experiential learning” or “Discovery learning”. Industry based project not only influence our technical development but also help in developing research experience for undergraduate.

  • It motivates us to face challenges and find solutions of any problem, to research and resolve the issues for a fruitful output.
  • Most important it uses 21st century 4C skill viz a viz Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity skill.
Industry based live project provide us the opportunity to interact with the experts, mirroring what professional do, the way professionals execute their project and many more. Some basic skills that are enhanced by doing industry project are: -

Thinking and Understanding skill: Understanding the basics of the project and data which needs to be worked on for further improvement.

a) Try to figure out problem and their solution.

b) Get to know about new technologies in the market and how market is influenced with the advancement in technology.

Project Management skill: Working with the industry professional help us to learn:

a) How to handle our project, manage our tasks and resources with time.

b) How to identify whether moving in right direction or not, is there any more efficient way to solve any problem or what is the best way to solve a problem.

Presentation skill: Presenting our project provides us an opportunity to polish our presentation skill. It:

a) Improves our mind set regarding the ways to communicate with industry professional and outside world.

b) Improve our communication skill, confidence level, leadership quality and ability to influence the people or group.

c) The most important is that it helps in coordination, cooperation, and sense of responsibility.

For most of us we learn best by explaining, examining, and experimenting with our project. As we know “we don’t learn to walk by following rules. we learn by doing …and by falling over”.

Industry based live projects influence our technical development in such a way that it inspires and develop a lifelong learner in us and prepare us for the “real world” since that is naturally where our learning occurs.

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg,
Associate Professor-EECE Department

Mr. Mohit Yadav, 
Student-EECE Department

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Experiential Learning – Sharpening the EDGES

School of Management focuses on overall development of a student from the time s/he enters the University. From focusing on bits to giving the student a complete personality transformation is the main idea behind every program at School of Management. The focus of the school is on experiential learning by giving real life projects to students throughout all the years in the form of class projects, minor projects and major projects. Students are given the opportunity to convert their theoretical knowledge to practical in the form of summer internships. Students are exposed to various live industry projects and real-life case studies from the corporate world. Times to time educational industrial visits are organized at the school level to give students an exposure to professional management. Various clubs introduced by the School of Management for Co and Extra-curricular activities viz. Exuberance club, Synergy club, Economic Collective, HRidya – The HR Club etc. keep students engaged through various activities round the year. Other clubs like Finance, Psychology and Marketing etc. impart professional knowledge to students, contemporary understanding of the environment and updating them of the current changes in the VUCA world. These clubs help students to enhance their knowledge and become an achiever in the domain of their choice. The infrastructure and environment offered by School of Management at the NorthCapUniversity is conducive to the overall progress of a student and helps him sharpen his knowledge and offers him the cutting edge to get ahead in the competitive world.

Ms Mahima Anand
School of Management
The Northcap University

Education in Transition – BCom at NorthCap University

In recent years, it has been acknowledged by the education sector that there has been a lot of emphasis on core courses to be taught in undergraduate programs. The vibrant business environment demands the acquirements to be more meaningful and purposeful. Bachelor of Commerce, at The NorthCap University, has come a long way to enhance the learning experience of students. Apart from offering conventional subjects, the program is embracing the interdisciplinary approach to conceive the business world from diverse perspectives. The advent of aspects like critical thinking has enabled students to analyse various challenges of corporate houses more objectively. The current scenario of cashless economy for example has paved way for new businesses that can be operated online. Paperless offices are gaining momentum in our country and posing new challenges for upcoming employments. The university has comprehended the current trends  and integrated courses like E-Commerce in the curriculum to give a boost to the career of students. Moreover, inclusion of Fine Arts in the course would stimulate students to look across disciplinary boundaries and enhance their creative potential. The analytical skills honed by education of fine arts provide a potential to understand the underlying patterns of consumer behaviour. The integration of various courses will enrich the knowledge of students and contribute in their trajectory of success.  

Dr. Deergha Sharma
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
The NorthCap University

Monday, August 17, 2020

Pandemic Situation: Indian Economy at halt!

We have witnessed a tough situation in this pandemic, 2020. Starting from total lockdown for days to trying to live a normal life in this strange situation of crashing economy, crashing lives, crashing livelihoods, and so on. Never had we seen a situation where, trains, flights and other public facilities were totally shut. Congested places like the metropolitan cities of India were totally vacant. Schools, workplaces and manufacturing plants are still not functioning at their fullest capacities. Though, we at NCU are doing everything to guide our students, be it guidance in education or to reduce the stress level in such situation. We are battling a worldwide pandemic, which even the most sophisticated, most advanced countries are finding hard to beat.

The lockdown is legitimized. The Covid-19 corona virus, which has developed exponentially, was slowed down in China with the assistance of comparable lockdowns. No big surprise large parts of Europe and the US have followed a similar model to stop the spread of infection. For this, our BA (H) Economics students have conducted study on this. Our syllabus includes all the latest topics including effect of corona virus on various economies. The following is the conclusion of the study conducted by our BA (H) Economics students.

After the great depression of 1930s where the global economy has faced a very critical situation is now facing the pandemic that has put all the economic activities at halt across the world. The precipitous deterioration in economic activities because of this lockdown is unanticipated in the history of India. The great economist Keynes gave the concept of “trade business cycle” after the great depression of 1930s. In which he explained that the four stage of trade cycle is considered to measure the growth rate and real GDP. IMF has predicted the GDP growth as 1.9% and this shows the most horrible growth performance of our country after the liberalisation policy of 1991 in the current financial year. The reason being corona virus which has frightened the entire economy. Though, IMF in its most recent publication of the World Economy Report has positioned India as the swiftest mounting economy in 2020.

In India, the impact on prognostic sectors of the economy is harsher than that observed in 2008 crises. The country is now facing multiple challenges in terms of finance, health, foreign trade and much more. The banks have boosted the excess cash flow because of the demand-side jolts which has arisen due to lock down and the uncertainties because of this sudden lockdown. The financial sector also suffered huge shocks including stock market, liquidity catastrophes, etc as the liquidity was drained out from the international market and huge changes were made in the monetary policy of the country. Companies which hinge on global trade suffered acute tension. The international economic production is on deterioration and anticipating a gigantic slump in the complete economic and financial system of the country. This pandemic has knocked the economy which examined the mark to make our economy of “USD $5 Trillion with 7% of GDP by the year 2024”.

According to the World Bank most recent valuation, India is expected to grow 1.5 percent to 2.8 percent. Also, according to the projection of IMF, India is estimated to have a GDP growth of 1.9 percent in the current year. However, to accomplish the target of “USD $5 Trillion economy”, Indian Economy should grow at 9% per annum for five years, which is extremely tough to achieve given the current circumstances.

Perhaps this emergency will make us take up enormous changes — as we may have minimal opportunities in any case. We last implemented major economic changes in 1991, when we had a colossal monetary emergency. The 2020 corona virus is another gigantic emergency, which may lead us to the changes we need in the economy.

At School of Management, The NorthCap University, we teach each and every topic connecting with the real world so that the students get deeper knowledge and hands on experience while studying. Our program objective is to face the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex and Ambiguity) environment through teaching pedagogy. And we are doing the same practically and the objective is being achieved at The NorthCap University.

Dr. Priyanka Banerji
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

The NorthCap University

Beyond Academics – More to Life at NCU

It’s so rare, that you get to board a ship that has to sail through an ocean of learning, filled with exciting voyages, jubilations, and fun. At NCU ‘Student Activities & Leadership (SAL)’ is undeniably one such ship. It is a springboard for students who are creatively inclined towards showcasing their talent in extra and co-curricular activities. With more than 50 clubs and societies under its ambit, it offers a platform where dreams are nurtured, thoughts are bartered, concepts are learnt, unlearned and relearned, through a gamut of student-led events and activities ably guided by learned and experienced faculty mentors. Some of the societies and clubs being Enactus, Moot Court Society, ASQ, Exuberance, Synergy, Economic Collective, Manovriti, Marketing Mavens, HRdiya, Financial and Investment Cell, Heritage Club, ModelUN, Google Students Club, Synergy Club, Social Club, Lumiere, Yoga Club, Mathematics Club, Entrepreneurship Cell, and NSS. The office of Students’ Activities serves as a living, learning, and wellness centre for students to coordinate a broad range of socio-cultural, intellectual, educational, sporting, and leadership events. To ensure seamless participation of students, our academic timetable is designed to offer a separate slot for all such activities and events. ‘Momentum’, the 3 days annual techno-cultural festival of the University, which synthesizes technical knowledge with fun, is being organized every year. And to top it all – participation in Co and Extra Curricular activities helps students earn credits towards the General Proficiency Course, a part of the scheme of study of every program offered at NCU.

Even the worst hit pandemic of mankind couldn’t stop us in bringing college life at home, sitting in front of the virtual panorama of computer screens with plethora of online activities enriching students’ mind, body, and spirit such as ‘The Great COVID19 Bake Off Challenge’, Creative Writing,  Arthargument 2.0 and the Independence Day Quiz, to name a few.

Dr. Jahanvi Bansal,
Assistant Professor, School of Management,

The NorthCap University