Thursday, April 2, 2020

Success Story of Anshum Gill

You learn from failure than from success, I have had my share of rejection in interviews, but I did not let any prior missed opportunities bring me down instead I learned where I went wrong and tried to correct that.I got placed with “Hughes Systique” 

On the day of the drive, I felt confident and knew it was my day, I had studied everything that was taught to me over the past three years, and I believed in myself. The drive started with the aptitude test, which was soon followed by the results of the aptitude.

Being shortlisted only made me more confident in my abilities. When the time came for the interviews, I did not do any last-minute preparations as we do before our exams. I went in there answered all the questions confidently with a positive attitude, which resonated with them and enabled me to have this great opportunity that I have today.

I am able to thank The NorthCap University for the impact it had on my life because of the constant support of my parents and peers and the guidance of the faculty and SPA I would not be here. 

Anshum Gill

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