Monday, July 1, 2019

The Importance Of Final Year Projects For Engineering Students

As per IEEE:
“Engineering is that profession in which knowledge of the mathematical, computational, and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop economically effective use of matter, energy, and information to the benefit of humankind.”

Engineering is deficient without hands on involvement on the different ideas which are learnt during the classroom sessions. Practical orientation and developing hardware, software prototypes that aides in building better engineers. Project work is an extension to free learning for students. The bridge between the theoretical aspects and real world is project based learning. In engineering curriculum, projects are for the final year students. Wherein, NCU provide the students with a unique salient feature of making projects throughout their curriculum, as a result of which the final project is the blend of hardware and software prototypes wherein students get appropriate guidance from the industry experts. Projects enable us in understanding the subject better which thus prompts recalling what we to have contemplated for a more extended duration of time. I belief, the same applies to different fields of study as well. The skills that we learn during the project prepare us for the industry.

On the likelihood that you are a last year engineering student, the biggest challenge for the students is to choose a topic on which they can make a project, as you to have just a single year left to redesign your aptitudes and improve your employ ability. Your project gives you a chance to put theoretical learning to genuine practice.

We at the EECE Department of The NorthCap University, Gurugram guide the students through each aspect, right from the beginning, from choosing the project to the final presentation to documentation, students are assisted at each stage of project making. The students are offered with every possible kind of help, be it presentation, support documents or tools, each assistance is given to them at whatever point required. Students while making their project will have an improving learning background and they will increase tremendous certainty through the information procured while making the project.

The practical experience picked up won't just help with interviews yet additionally enable you to be a superior engineer and have a higher chance of getting a job. These experiences enable you to work in a group, to be a problem solver, create innovative ideas and discover the enjoyment in engineering. This is on the grounds that when you turn into a professional engineer, you don't simply need to manage one subject. Catch up on all nuts and bolts of engineering and it will enhance your certainty to take up future roles in industry. Selection representatives look for the major projects made by the students as a benchmark at the time of placement.

We additionally help students to comprehend the approach of converting their projects into a complete product which promptly acceptable into the market. For any guidance, feel free to contact us at 

Written by Ms. Amanpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Department of EECE, The NorthCap University

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