Monday, July 1, 2019

Extra-Curricular And Co-curricular Activities For Students At The NorthCap University

Students at The NorthCap University have much more to explore other than classroom teaching. There are numerous activities where students can engage themselves and thus an overall personality development of the student takes place at NCU.

The NorthCap University offers co-curricular activities to students in the form of context learning, industry engagements, tinkering lab, professional societies etc. The aim of the teaching-learning process is to make the students understand the practical aspect of whatever they are learning in classroom. The industry experts are invited to bridge the gap between academics and industry, the experts discuss about the work being done in their industries and how classroom concepts are applied in industry scenario.

Moreover, students have to make mini projects as part of their laboratory work, in addition to hands-on experiments. Tinkering lab facility is provided centrally in the university, where students of any discipline can come together under one roof and work on inter-disciplinary projects. There are projects exhibitions, technovation and best project competitions, through which students get a good platform for showcasing their innovations. Students are motivated through cash prizes.

To be specific, the Electrical,Electronics & Communication Engineering department at NCU has students chapter of various professional societies such as IEEE, SPIE, IEI etc. Workshops, seminars, technical quizzes, aptitude tests, industrial visits, career counselling sessions and many more activities are organized by professional societies students chapters. Thus, students have a good learning experience by participating in these events. They may develop their leadership and organizing skills by coordinating various events. The department has collaboration with IIT Bombay for spoken tutorials, and IIT Delhi for Virtual labs. Through spoken tutorials, students can learn new software/programming languages with ease and will get certificates for the same. Virtual labs are interesting lab material available online, where students can perform experiments.

Other than co-curricular activities, there are lots of extra-curricular activities in The NorthCap University. Sports facilities are available, and sports events are arranged for students throughout the year, and for staff once every year. The universitys annual fest Momentum & Cerebration is a 3-days event, where there are plenty of technical competitions in initial phase of the event, followed by stage performances for dances, plays, singing, fashion show and many more.

At the university level, there are many societies such as ASQ, CSI, SPACE, OSA, ENACTUS and many others. Other than societies there are clubs like photography club, music club, clubs such as Yukti, NSS etc for social work and other. Events on various societies and clubs are planned quarterly every year. Club Fiesta event is organized annually.

Overall, a student at NCU has a lot to explore in various fields and thus the university nurtures all students to become all-rounder professionals.

Written by Dr. Vandana Khanna (Assistant Professor in the department of EECE, The NorthCap University)

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