Friday, June 28, 2019

Role Of Alumni Relations In The Academic life Of An Institute

As the family values play a vital role in flourishing of its heir, similarly the children are the brand ambassador of family in the society.

Alumni relationship is also analogous to the family tree. Here “Alumni” are the children of the family “alma mater” and carries its name always. The alumnus and alma mater flourish in symbiosis with each other. Therefore alumni relations carry great values for an institute to grow.

The word-of-mouth of alumni in their social and professional network carries invaluable contribution to make or mar any institution. The students and alumni are the reflection of the ethical and social values taught to them in their institute, they are the brand ambassadors of the institution. They take away the knowledge and moral values to with them to their home, offices and society globally. 

If the students are being nurtured in a healthy environment in the institute where they feel free to put their point forward and being counseled properly for every good and bad situation with all polite and strict: balanced manners, they would be a great pool of responsible alumni. The alumni who would be always ready to pay back to its Alma mater in all possible ways let it be activities related to its professional growth like guest lectures, guidance to current students, help in placements or the fundraising activities like donation to the alma mater of establishing any research facility or extracurricular facility in the institutions.

But, if the engagement in the institute is poor, it can give a very bad name to the alma mater, which can hamper its overall growth. It will not only hamper the growth of the alumni but also the overall institution in long run.

Therefore good alumni relationships are beneficial for alumni and institute both. If we support our alumni in their professional and personal growth by properly acknowledging their efforts by facilitation in their social and professional networks and providing access to the institutions facilities, alumni would be a life-long supporter of their alma-mater. This will motivate the alumni to give back to the institute when they would be in a position to do so.

Written by Ms. Kusum Grewal Dangi, Assistant Professor, Department of EECE, The NorthCap University

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