Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Empower Students To Secure Good Jobs?

The engineering education in India is going through a very challenging phase.  One of the potential reasons for the current scenario is due to unemployment and lack of employment opportunities after completion of their 4-Years B.Tech degree. Survey shows that there are 1.5 Million Engineering Students Pass Outs in India Every Year but fewer of them are getting hired by the Core and IT Sectors. The reports say, in 2016-17, there were no takers for nearly 54% seats in the engineering institutions. According to the chairman AICTE, 275 engineering colleges applied for a closure this year. 75 engineering colleges were closed in in 7 states only. As a remedial action, the India’s technical education regulator may cut the total number of undergraduate engineering seats by as much as 40% over the next few years. This can prove to be a positive step towards strengthening of the quality education, employment and issue of vacate seats.

In order to maintain student’s interest in the engineering as a lucrative career option, the quality and skill based education is coming as a main course of concern. It is exemplifying the C. Darvins theory on the survival of the fittest for stake holders, the students and technical institutions, both. One major factor in this direction is updated curriculum which serves the need of industry practices. As a result, the country has grown in the numbers with private university players to address the requirements of industry by their updated syllabus and value added education model.  

Seeing the students coming from diversified background and different part of the country, most of the universities are continuously improving their course structure by giving space to the courses like aptitude, English language, software language, personality development, etc. along with their domain subjects, as a part of their regular curriculum. At the same time universities are hiring more qualified and skilled faculty members with good academic and research background to address the expectations of students in terms of education, research, and employability with good companies.

As per study, the highest paying jobs available for ECE graduates in the market are in the Semiconductor Industry. A skilled fresher on VLSI Design skills, e.g, Basic VLSI Design Flow, Basics of Digital Electronics, Basics of Analog Electronics, Computer Programming Language C/ C++, Linux and Scripting, VerilogHDL, SystemVerilog, and Projects, can secure a good job with a very handsome salary package of nearly 10LPA in a good company.

The Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department (EECE) of NorthCap University Gurugram has a strong base of qualified and experienced faculty which is engaged in educating its students on project and research based learning. And as an outcome to this the department has the best placement opportunities and records year after year. 

Further, the upcoming market of IoT (Internet of Things) is going to create a huge number of jobs in the core electronics and software sectors, both in coming years. It will need a huge talent pool of fresh and experienced talent pool of engineers to make things happen and connected together. As being engineering university, we all need to get ready with updated curriculum and skill sets to address the huge requirements of the market.

The author is an Associate Professor at the Department of EECE, The NorthCap University, Gurugram, Haryana, India

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