Friday, June 28, 2019

Industry Participation in Teaching

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”.
-          John Dewey
There is a need to improve the quality and scope of engineering education if we are to meet the demands of students and employers for industry-relevant skills. Since technology is changing and the content for teaching remains same throughout years so engineering education has to adapt with new technologies. This adaptation will ensure that engineering degrees are‘fit for the future’. There is a strong need for a radical increase in the involvement of industry at national and local levels in engineering education. It is unrealistic to expect graduate engineers to have all the knowledge and skills that industry requires “but it is fundamental that graduates understand what other people do and how it all fits together”.
Our university continuously works really hard to adapt with the new technologies and be upto date in order to enhance students’ skills and deliver the industry, a full skilled and deployable product.
Our university engage industrialists in many ways such as Ad-hoc lectures or participation in projects by industrialists, Industrial mentors which is assigned to students in the early stages, Site visits to first - year students, Career fair and recruitment talks, and many more.
The pedagogy we follow is not a regular one where one teacher teaches a large number of students. At The NorthCap University, only 25 students attend the lecture at the same time.
The university believes in providing more hands-on learning rather than propagating a stagnant way of teaching thereby involving industries to come and guide our students.

"Often we invite eminent speakers from different areas to deliver their philosophies and experiences which impact the thought process of our students in a sound manner.
The University has signed MoUs with various companies which provide summer internship programs and placements to the students. Industry based projects are guided by the companies staff itself planned by the faculty members, facilitating a better learning experience for the students.
Our alumni are spread across the Globe, working in key positions in various industries. The Alumni Meet is an annual event wherein a huge number of alumni love to visit the campus and memorize the beautiful time they had spent at the university. We structure alumni meet such that it focuses on sharing industry experience, managerial challenges faced in the current era and entrepreneurial know-how between students, faculty and our alma mater.

Ms Shakshi Sharma,
 Assistant Professor

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