Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Why study Design Engineering?

Design Engineering specialization enables a student to address real world situation through balancing creativity supported by technical capability. Design Engineering empowers students to conceptualize and authenticate ideas by canvassing, infuriating, stimulating, and questioning people, places, technology, things and systems.

A student who is creative and have a high level of imagination is very well benefited with the specialization of design engineering branch. Students who are into the world of automotive and dream to design the vehicle of their own can make their dream come true by getting into the design engineering and give wings to their imagination.

Design Engineering is emerging as the futuristic branch, which enables students to follow their passion for creativity and to map their imagination in the real world. Department of Mechanical Engineering at The NorthCap University provides the specialization in the design engineering and provides a unique blend of theoretical and practical content. Design engineers are sought in almost every field like aviation, constructions, designing, petrochemical industries, gas industries etc.

Praveen Singh
Departmental of Mechanical Engineering,
School of Engineering and Technology,
The Northcap University Gurugram.

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