Friday, June 28, 2019

Data Science

The data scientist career path is probably the hottest career choice a student can currently make. For three years in a row, data scientist has been named the number one job in the U.S by Glassdoor. What’s more, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that the rise of data science need will create 11.5 million job openings by 2026. Not only is there a huge demand for data science, but there is also a noticeable shortage of qualified data scientists.Daniel Gutierrez, Managing Editor of Inside BIG DATA, told Forbes, “The word on the street is there’s definitely a shortage of people who can do data science.” Data science is used by “computing professionals who have the skills for collecting, shaping, storing, managing, and analyzing data as an important resource for organizations to allow for data-driven decision making.” Almost every interaction with technology includes data—your Amazon purchases, Facebook feeds, Netflix recommendations, and even the facial recognition required for Signing-In into your phone. Data science experts are needed in virtually every job sector—not just in technology.

Pursuing a career in data science is a smart move, not just because it is trendy and pays well, but because data very well may be the pivot point on which the entire economy turns.
Our university has launched specialization for B.Tech in Data Science to prepare students to gain that knowledge which is required by the companies in data science stream. Some faculties are especially devoted to data science stream and proper training programs have been conducted for the faculties as and when required to cope up with the industry requirements.
Some of the leading data science careers and their corresponding average salaries are-
· Business Intelligence (BI) Developer Average Salary: $89,333,
· Data Architect Average Salary: $137,630,
· Data Scientist Average Salary: $139,840,
· Data Analyst Average Salary: $83,878,
· Data Engineer Average Salary: $151,307,
· Machine Learning Scientist Average Salary: $139,840,
· Statistician Average Salary: $93,589.
There is a clear need for professionals who understand a business need, can devise a data-oriented solution, and then implement that solution.

Dr Rita Chhikara,
Associate Professor,
Department of CSE

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