Friday, June 28, 2019

Students First’ Initiatives Must Do For A College

The NorthCap University (NCU) has around 4000 students studying in various schools and departments. We have set high standards of performance in every sphere of work area. We see the academics from the students' eyes. We provide them ample opportunities to develop and learn. The student is our core process. He is our most valuable stakeholder. He remains firmly in our focus and is central to every activity we undertook at The NorthCap University.

We truly believes that our students' comes first. We are students-centric and give them our best experiences for their money and not a lip service. Everything else follows. We at NCU believe more in keeping our existing students happy than attracting new ones. We make things easy for them and let them call the shots. Once they have a great experience studying at NCU, it pays off, they automatically become the brand ambassadors of the University and works to its advantage by positive word of mouth and referrals.

Student's perception about the Institution is important to us. They are key to the success of the Institution. We don't dictate them what to or not to do. We are committed to listen to students' VOWS and are connected to them in every possible way including social media. We understand them, their ideas and 360 degree feedback and tailor our response to individual students so that have WOW experience. In the process we keep improving ourselves and innovating.

NCU values and sustains its life-time relationship with its students through strong alumni network designed to maximize their happiness.

Nitin Malik
Associate Professor, Department of EECE, The NorthCap University

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