Thursday, May 30, 2019


Inevitably, cyber space has become one of the eye catching field amongst various sectors. With the convergence of networks, almost everything is handled by the IT platforms. The word ‘Cyber’ connotes Internet and Cyber law also called as the Internet Law, extensively deals with the legal issues of the technology, electronic system, information and communication. This new law has demanded a multi-folded scope and requires an expertise to deal with different cyber activities, cyber-crime, and cyber security.

The domain of cyber law is to intrinsically handle important illegal activities committed in cyber world against person, property and state. Generally, cyber-crime hacking personal computers, cyber terrorism, fraud, defamation, cyber theft, mischief, involves individual privacy, spamming, and phishing etc. Hence the interest in the cyber law ensures rewarding and edifying career. 

Importantly, students with an expertise in cyber law are highly demanding in big organizations. They are inclined to recruit cyber lawyer both in terms of services and advice. Cyber lawyers are generally offered a place of Legal Advisor, Cyber Assistant, In-house counsel and legal department in government sectors such as Ministry of Information and Technology. The NorthCap University (NCU) was established with an aim to impart education with synergising Technology, Management and Law. Cyber Law can be understood with legal expertise and technical know-how. NCU is the most preferred destination for pursuing career as a Cyber Law expert.

Ms. Unanza Gulzar

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