Thursday, May 30, 2019

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) graduates at NCU have best of both the worlds in campus placements

Students graduating from the department of EECE, NCU enjoys the best of both the worlds in terms of campus placements as they not only have placement opportunities in well-known electronics and communication engineering companies such as Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Intel, Samsung, Ericsson, Orange, Airtel, Qualcom, Exicom Telesystems, Luminous Power, Lutron, Horiba etc.  but also in premium computer software and information technology companies like TCS, Deloitte, IBM, Fidelity, Postdot and the list goes on. This is evident from the record of 19 years that nearly 100% students who have graduated in ECE are offered attractive annual packages. Many of our students are opting higher studies in the reputed universities of US, Europe, Canada and India. Some of our students are now successful entrepreneurs and have set up their own thriving ventures.

Keeping the industry demand in minds, the department has introduced two new specializations - Internet of Things (IoT) & Embedded systems and VLSI design. India is a growing market in IoT sector which is leading to the requirement of skilled IoT professionals. In the last three years, the demand the talent has been accelerated by 300%. This is why IoT is seen as the next big thing in technology, which will transform the employment landscape in the industry and we want you ready to grab that opportunity. Specialization in Embedded systems and VLSI design will offer you better career and research prospects in India and abroad in core domains.
This has been possible due to the progressive and innovative approach of the department of ECE to upgrade and keep the course curriculum and the teaching learning processes aligned to the emerging industry trends. With an advent of new technologies in ECE such as Internet of Things (IOT) and 4G and 5G mobile phones and Chip industry revolution, an ECE engineer is expected to have a sound foundation in software and computer engineering subjects too. In  fact today’s mobile phone  is no longer just a phone but a mini computer, capable for many functions like internet browsing, e-mail, searching information online, watching movies, playing video games, running software programmes to do small scientific and engineering problems, Google mapping, controlling home in the aspects of security and other appliances, the list is endless. Therefore, to match up to  these multifold industry needs, an ECE student at The NorthCap University  is not only given a strong knowledge of core electronics and communication engineering subjects but also many software and computer engineering subjects  like C++, Java, Python, Webapps, data base management systems,  mobile apps, Linux, cloud  computing, cybersecurity, big data and so on and the list is reviewed on yearly basis. 

Dr. Sharda Vashisth
HOD, The Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

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