Thursday, May 30, 2019

Teamwork is the mantra for success

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."― Vince Lombardi
The importance of teamwork and the influence a team makes in the success of an organization is well-known. Teamwork is just another name of success in today's world. A focused team full of passion and commitment helps the organization to achieve new heights of success. It is not just limited to the business world, it has become a common pre requisite in every sphere of life.
The achievements of an organization are a result of the combined efforts of every individual involved. And hence we at The NorthCap University, the best engineering universities in Haryana, believe in teamwork as the mantra of success.

It is equally significant for students. It helps them to get adapted to situations and work cohesively with their team members. At NCU, students are encouraged to think differently and conveyed with an ideas in a different manner.

With activities like group discussions, group quizzes, projects, presentations, debates, dance competitions, sports activities, plays that impress the idea of coordination and instill the spirit of combined effort, NCU is an adobe where the spirit of teamwork brews.
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. The idea of teamwork is easy to understand where a group of people working for one goal come together and each person brings forth his skills in a focused manner and coordinates it with other skills to get the desired results.

The ability to work together with others as part of a team is not simply a skill needed at college, it is a vital skill required in all areas of life. College is, however, a perfect place to inculcate the teamwork attitude. In college, students experience teamwork in many different forms. While teaching a student the importance of team spirit, we should first make them realize what a team is and how different people can form a team. It becomes our prerogative to set examples before them of a good team. Students learn very important lessons of life when they see us communicate through problems and work together to resolve them.

In the colleges, team-building activities help create a positive community atmosphere in the classroom. Games, scientific projects, cultural activities and different inter & intra university activities prove to be the best in inculcating team enthusiasm among students. They get to know each-other in a conducive and supportive environment; teachers are also able to build a kind of rapport that will enable them to have a trusting relationship with students throughout the year. Group discussion in the classroom and interactive sessions help students to exchange their ideas with one another which also improves their self-confidence.

A team in its true sense cannot be created in a day. Every member of the team is required to learn, understand and appreciate each other as well as the individual boundaries.

Dr. Sharda Vashisth
HOD, The Department of Electrical, 
Electronics and Communication Engineering

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