Monday, 2 March 2015

Successful Students: How Do They Make It?

Having clear goals and a strong desire to achieve them stimulate the brain which sharpens attention and forms the basis of learning. We asked some students who have consistently been outperformers in their studies and are on the coveted Dean’s List of Students of ITM University,Gurgaon, a very select list of scholars, as to how do they make it, so that others can also benefit from their success mantra. We mailed a short questionnaire to some students on the December 2014 Dean’s list. They took time out from their hectic routine and exam schedule to respond to the questionnaire. Here are some responses.

All agree that being attentive in class, listening carefully and noting down important points are the best help for a quick revision at the time of exams. Self-study is a must! 

Supriya Rajpal did her graduation from Jesus and Mary College, DU and was always among the top 5 in her class. In her 1st semester of MBA at ITM University she scored a CGPA of 10. She says, “… (when I) find something relatively tough I make sure I go home and revise it the same day and in case of difficulty I take my doubts to the concerned faculty.”

Preeti Dagar doing BSc Maths, CGPA 9.91 is of the opinion that “Attending a class does not mean to be just physically present but mentally also. There is a need to work both hard and smart and revising the work on the same day it is done.”

To the question “How do you prepare for the exams?” Priyanka Jain, M.Tech, Electronics & Telecommunications, CGPA 9.92 says, “Besides understanding I normally look into previous years’ question papers and syllabus as it helps to concentrate on areas of importance and priority.”

Supriya Rajpal shares some study tips to learn and study effectively: “Take enough breaks while studying. Use mnemonics to learn long answers and underline key words that would enhance your answer.”

All scholars agree that “…taking too much pressure leads to forgetting what you have learnt. Study regularly but do not miss out on your hobbies - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…”  For Priyanka it is cultural programmes that give social awareness. Supriya takes part in welfare services that benefit society such as teaching under-privileged students. Preeti enjoys playing badminton and has always been a part of creative activities.

Regarding future priorities and goals - Priyanka wants “…to be seen as a value adding partner in my professional walk of life. One who brings in innovation, change and profitability.”

After graduation with distinction Preeti is”… planning to prepare for the UPSC Exam. And my second option is to do MBA.”

Supriya’s plan is “… to get a good job in a reputed company. I want to grow and be the reason for the company's growth as well. In the next 5 years, I see myself in a post that not only pays well but also gives me enough power. Power to do good and to serve the society.”

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