Monday, 9 March 2015

ITM University, Gurgaon Students excel in Projects Having a National Impact

A student project titled ‘New design of toilet flush system
Excelling in academics by scoring a mind boggling CGPA of 9.5 or more is definitely a healthy indicator of the student’s brilliance! Book-worms almost always score high. But do you think the application of theoretical concepts in real life, creating prototype devices and machines, fabricating equipments, taking experimental readings in the laboratory / industrial shop floors, going hands-on on real life problems….. more meaningful and enriching to students? Do you think this would mean real overall development of a student? Is creating devices useful in society, solving industrial problems, creating innovative products, developing effort reducing equipments exciting?
ITM University, Gurgaon stall at the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ at Panipat, Haryana
If your answer is YES…… ITMU is your place for education!

At ITMU, the VC innovation fund provides the support for innovative ideas to get created. The Best B Tech project in the final year is handsome-100k, 75K and 50K INR for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best projects. Do you know there are six SME (Small and medium enterprise) related projects funded by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad which the final year engineering students are working on? The Innovation laboratory in the school of management is under creation which would facilitate the young minds to bring up innumerable innovative ideas for application.

Projects based on live industry problems have also started finding place with final year ITMU students. Students take up shop-floor floors on productivity improvement, cost reduction, design improvement and quality improvement to get exposure to the industrial world which they would be engaged with in near future.

Some of the socially relevant projects under taken by students have been in the areas of sensing stick for the blind, waste utilization for construction bricks, low cost napkins, touchless water flush system, mobile application for women safety, utilization of energy from vehicle movement on speed-breakers, …….

Application of the theory that is taught is all about engineering. One cannot imagine getting a degree without working on a meaningful hardware related project. Real learning comes by dirtying ones hand. The process starts in the 2nd year through small project doing under the guidance of the faculty. This move forward into the projects carried out by the 3rd year students in the summer internship period.

Don’t you think the student who has soiled his hands in the fabricated setup for their project would be more confident and practical in approach….. a better team player; a person with high displayed passion, can relate theory to application with ease ……structures problem solving competency….. Yes ITMU believes in transitioning a school student into a holistic engineer ready to take on the challenges of the industry with a solid theoretical background and a powerful application orientation through application oriented projects!

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Prof. Ravindra Ojha,
Director School of Engineering & Technology

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