Monday, February 8, 2021

How Data Science became my ‘Cup of Tea’

Technology has very subtly slithered into our lives. Be it a professional or personal space, it has given us the advantage of living with ease. The thing that excites me the most about it is the demand, need, the developing features and an incessant bequest it’s moulding into for the world.

In 2019, TheNorthCap University, a leading organisation took a drastic step to ensure that its students gain a chance to explore the vast aspects of technology and make headway in the same. The organisation introduced five specialisations viz:

  1. IOT and Cloud Computing
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Full Stack Development
  5. Game Tech

In my opinion, this was a very smart move by the University to give the best of both worlds to its students. Incipiently, it was quite perplexing for me to choose as I find each one of them fascinating and holding a great importance in the era today.

With rigorous planning and research, I found myself more Intune with the Data Science Specialisation and hence I decided to go in that stride.

What came to my surprise was the pool of terms, data driven facts, services that fortune companies rely on and much more. Our daily lectures and resources influence us to not jump on the bandwagon but to frame something of our own.

The Data Science Specialisation has made us all a witness to terminologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing, DASK, etc. which are the most relevant and used at multiple workplaces. We also try our hand-on projects that include machine learning, data visualisation, etc to analyse the effects and accuracies of the data we are dealing with.

We all are aware of the fact that ‘data’ is growing exponentially each day. Be it social media, entertainment media, shopping websites, streaming platforms, hospitals, and any entity that exist on this planet; provide and consume data in huge amounts.

I usually used to think that how all the companies deal with such big volumes and varieties of Data? How do they analyse the choice of their customers? And where do they actually store this data? How is the data kept secured or disentangled within an organisation?

And I can say this got much easier for me to comprehend with the specialisation as it not only focuses on these aspects, but sometimes go deeper and beyond. I also encountered the ways to work on different operating systems, the architecture of a computer and it’s functioning, software like cisco packet tracker, etc.

It’s been just a year to me in this specialisation, but I see me and my peers building web applications, solving challenges that involve real-time data, using the rich python programming to scrutinize the data of our own organisation. Our learning is developed mostly by experimenting on cluttered and distinguished data, it’s cleaning and deriving the possible outcomes using machine learning and its techniques. We also have had many sessions on Database Management using software that define and handle these systems such as Mongo DB.

 We are essentially taught how businesses cover all the data to analyse the effects of its operations and predict the future of it already. Interesting, isn’t it? For the same, we examine case studies, learn from some and find glitches in some, visualise its content, design graphs and get it mentored by the experts.

These sessions have given me a high command over different types of data, programming languages and an insight into the roles that we end up acquiring at companies; Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and so on. I am yet to experience the ocean of nomenclatures, execution techniques, data related information that still lies hidden from the outside world. And this has only been possible because of me running into this specialisation.

At last, I would just say that Data and Humans are like two peas in a pod. Always existing together. If you find yourself inclining towards this fascinating arena just like me, then Data Science is definitely right as rain for you.  

-          Shivani Vashishta

-          Btech CSE, 18csu206