Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Industrial Internship: A Comprehensive Learning Platform

 Industrial internship is a period when theoretical knowledge transforms into its practical applications. A good internship can shape the mindset of an individual about the upcoming technology as well as real world applications. Six months/six weeks training provide opportunities for both technical and non-technical profiles like working on live projects as well as working on company’s assignments related to learner’s ability. This further helps in polishing knowledge and overcoming self-limits that can divert them in an efficient way by adding skills required in industries for their career benefits and creative learning experiences. EECE Department  at The NorthCap University, Gurgaon provides us lot of Industrial Internships opportunities for us to explore and work with industry, thereby providing us the platform to shape our future.

Career path:

  • Experience in industrial live projects can make students versatile and efficient for an extensive job hunt.
  • Industrial internship can make fresh learners more efficient in terms of manufacturing innovations with the help of experts of their field and make them industry ready.
  • Sometimes industries give live projects with stipend to students on a trial basis for a particular period, turning them further in recruitments.   


There are large number of universities that have collaborations with various companies which hire students to work on their projects and assignments, thereby giving them a chance to provide a unique solution of a defined problem. It includes:

  • Professionalism- An attitude of a person towards his/her work and towards people who are working with. Insight organisational working make freshers more disciplined and helps to understand work culture of professional environment.
  • Soft skills- To improvise their character and get a better personality, soft skill is very important for a learner. Presentation skills, report writing skills and workspace adaptability can explore career path and help them in gaining confidence.
  • Learning- Hands on experience on projects can conclude the theoretical as well practical knowledge that helps in creative thinking for tackling real world challenges and discovering new applications. Students can test their own calibre and creativity.

Internship is not only a comprehensive learning platform for freshers(learners), it also plays a vital role for companies as well. It teaches them to employ management and uncover young talent to their brand to expand their work ethics.  

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg,

Associate Professor-EECE Department

The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Mr. Uttpal Raj, 

Student-EECE Department

The NorthCap University, Gurugram                 

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