Monday, August 17, 2020

NCU-SOM BA Hons Psychology - Transformation through Self Awareness

The Psychology courses in the school of management offers a transforming experience to the students enrolled in the course. The outcomes of the course are paralleled with the nature of the subject of psychology- a transformation in the self through self- awareness; through this course students are equipped to handle their as well as develop much better understand the mind of other human beings.  The course is designed in a way that by the end of the three years, the students are not only very well equipped with self- awareness and the course content but have an interdisciplinary knowledge of the subject, and thus, they are well suited to enter into any of the core specialisations of psychology such as clinical psychology, counselling, HR or social psychology. The exposure of psychology students to school of management’s different courses such as finance, marketing and law in their first year enables them an upper hand in the economic and legal global job market as well. The various clubs in the school of management offers them an exposure to interact, learn and facilitate their professional growth. Through the psychology club, Manovriti, students learn the art of creating an awareness about psychological perspectives and mental health, and develop community bonds through team work in club activities. The faculties of psychology are alumnus of best institutes of the country and are exposed to the foreign universities as well and are dedicated to provide the best education and experience to the students for their overall growth and development.

Dr. Neha Aggarwal

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