Monday, August 17, 2020

Beyond Academics – More to Life at NCU

It’s so rare, that you get to board a ship that has to sail through an ocean of learning, filled with exciting voyages, jubilations, and fun. At NCU ‘Student Activities & Leadership (SAL)’ is undeniably one such ship. It is a springboard for students who are creatively inclined towards showcasing their talent in extra and co-curricular activities. With more than 50 clubs and societies under its ambit, it offers a platform where dreams are nurtured, thoughts are bartered, concepts are learnt, unlearned and relearned, through a gamut of student-led events and activities ably guided by learned and experienced faculty mentors. Some of the societies and clubs being Enactus, Moot Court Society, ASQ, Exuberance, Synergy, Economic Collective, Manovriti, Marketing Mavens, HRdiya, Financial and Investment Cell, Heritage Club, ModelUN, Google Students Club, Synergy Club, Social Club, Lumiere, Yoga Club, Mathematics Club, Entrepreneurship Cell, and NSS. The office of Students’ Activities serves as a living, learning, and wellness centre for students to coordinate a broad range of socio-cultural, intellectual, educational, sporting, and leadership events. To ensure seamless participation of students, our academic timetable is designed to offer a separate slot for all such activities and events. ‘Momentum’, the 3 days annual techno-cultural festival of the University, which synthesizes technical knowledge with fun, is being organized every year. And to top it all – participation in Co and Extra Curricular activities helps students earn credits towards the General Proficiency Course, a part of the scheme of study of every program offered at NCU.

Even the worst hit pandemic of mankind couldn’t stop us in bringing college life at home, sitting in front of the virtual panorama of computer screens with plethora of online activities enriching students’ mind, body, and spirit such as ‘The Great COVID19 Bake Off Challenge’, Creative Writing,  Arthargument 2.0 and the Independence Day Quiz, to name a few.

Dr. Jahanvi Bansal,
Assistant Professor, School of Management,

The NorthCap University

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