Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Why Study Chemistry at NCU?

Chemistry is an important branch of science that focuses on energy and matter. It occurs in everything in our daily life including the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.All phenomena on this earth involve chemical processes.The products created by engineers are based on chemistry. Things fail when chemicals interact in undesirable ways.Even, emotions like happiness, sadness and love involve chemistry.

NCU offers engineering chemistry as a subject to all the students of the School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) in order to familiarize them with the applications of chemistry in various fields of science and engineering.Apart from studying the core course, students at NCU are also offered specialised courses such as Nanotechnology, Green Technology and Polymer & Composites as electives.The curriculum for all the courses taught has been designed in consultation with mentors from IITD. 

The faculty at the University acts as catalysts that ignite the spark in the students and make them ready for learning. Our classroom teaching is enriched through different teaching methodologies like guided teaching, drill & practice, use of audio/video aids and many more.The departments has a well-equipped chemistry lab that houses instruments like UV spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductometer and several other instruments that are used by students to perform experiments that help in complementing classroom teaching with practice sessions. 

The use of chemistry software makes the practical component very fascinating.Project-based learning is an integral part of the curriculum where students are involved in project work that helps in inculcating team-building and problem-solving skills.The students showcase these projects every year in an exhibition held on the National Science Day.Advanced tools including virtual labs, MOOC Courses etc. are additionally being used for imparting knowledge. The university has also set up a Tinkering Lab to encourage creativity and innovation among the students.

I strongly believe that inspiring faculty and innovative teaching make learning chemistry at NCU a great experience.

Dr Bharti Arora
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Sciences
The NorthCap University

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