Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Experience at The NorthCap University

I am Aparna Sharma, a final year undergraduate student pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering from The NorthCap University. Talking about my experience at NCU, I would conclude it to be an amazing one. The journey covered by a student from the time when he enters to the time he departs is a period that brings in a lot of positive changes and makes one a better person.

There is altogether an equal contribution from various aspects that makes my experience in the university very aesthetic. The faculty and course curriculum covered has always been very helpful and designed in such a manner that there is constant learning given to the students. The professors are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They take in numerous efforts in making things imparted to the students in an easy to learn the method.

At the same time, our university believes in comprehending the knowledge and teachings practically too. We should be aware of the fact that paper-pen learning and corporate life works differently. For this purpose, industrial trips are being organized promptly, which gives students a clear picture of how things work in an industrial world.

The infrastructure in terms of its size is another factor to be very proud of. The university is spread hugely for its area. There are in numerous classes and sufficient labs for each field of study. The class and lab size for students to accommodate is extremely enormous. There is a vast ground and specific courts built for each game to be played for the students. The campus is very spacious and significantly built.

I still remember the time I became a part of this prestigious institution and the passage covered so far is worth remembering. I have come across some of the most precious experiences that have enabled me to become a better version of myself. The confidence that the university has given me through being a part of various professional society events is unparalleled. It has imbibed in me a feeling of audacity and valour with much ease and poise. The events held in a professional society are not only on a large scale but also imbibe many great qualities within a student. It develops much confidence, excellent communication skills, and a personality with conviction. It is these traits which are of utmost relevance and nourishes a student in and out.

There has always been so much to learn in these four years not only academically but outside the classroom learning as well. It is all these experiences at The NorthCap University, which makes my stay beautiful and worth remembering.

Aparna Sharma
BTech (ECE) final year
(2016-20 Batch)

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