Friday, January 10, 2020

Specialization for Electronics and Communication Engineer

Dr. Pooja Sabherwal
Assisstant Professor
The NorthCap University
(formerly ITM University)

Every year, around 2 million students graduate as engineers in India. In the era of competition the, the demand of technical professionals is increasing. To stand out in any niche, students have to specialize in their chosen subject. This adds value to their educational as well as professional qualifications. Having an expertise in some specialization will help you to find a secure and reputable job, which is not easy with just a bachelor’s degree.

The new industrial era has made engineering a diverse area to study. Among all the streams the B.Tech in Electronics and communication with specialization in Internet of Things (IOT) or B.Tech in Electronics and communication with specialization in Embedded system and VLSI design is one of the best. 

Interestingly, the job opportunities are growing in ECE by 10% till 2026 as per the reports. So, it is the high time for students, who want to do engineering, can dive into ECE branch with specialization as IOT or Embedded system and VLSI design.

B.Tech in Electronics and communication with specialization in Internet of Things (IOT)

Kevin Ashton in June 22, 2009 introduced a new term “The Internet of Things” (IOT) which has revolutionized the field of electronics engineering. The Internet of Things is simply "A network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data." i. e a network of smart devices that can communicate through internet with other devices/users at remote locations.

This technology is likely to reform by 2022, with use of cellular network for communication between IOT devices. As per the reports by Ericsson (, till 2022, approximately 1.5 million IOT devices will be connected by cellular network. Thus, these new technologies will demand optimizations and developments by engineers for next few decades. Various Career options like IoT Data analytics, IoT Hardware engineer, Embedded Programs Engineer, IoT Architect, IoT Developer, Network Engineer will be open. Hence, a huge demand for engineers with specialization in IOT is envisaged.

B.Tech in Electronics and communication with specialization in Embedded system and VLSI design

VLSI design and Embedded systems are upcoming future domain in India. As the Make in India programme is thriving in India, there are lot of manufacturers are looking to make in India and Made In India. There is going to be huge demand in this domain. Most of the electronics manufacturing industry will need Embedded and VLSI engineer in bulk to sustain and excel in the market.

VLSI design and Embedded systems is all about programming, but this field requires knowledge of Electronics also. That is the reason the students with in CSE cannot enter into VLSI and Embedded system industry and these industries prefers ECE students. Therefore there will be lots of job opportunities for students with B.Tech in ECE. Various Career options like RTL Design Engineer, Verification Engineer, Synthesis Engineer, Software Testing, DFT Engineer, Product & Validation Engineer, FPGA Engineer, Physical Design Engineer, Layout Design Engineer, Analog Design Engineer, SoC Design Engineer, EDA Development, Firmware Developer Engineer-WLAN/CAN/RTOS/FPGA, Microcontroller/Device Driver Engineer, System Architecture Engineer, Android Middleware Validation Engineer, Software & Automotive Engineers, Hardware Design Engineer will be open in these industries.
Hence, a huge demand for engineers with specialization in Embedded system and VLSI design is envisaged.

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