Friday, June 14, 2019


In the era of sheer competitiveness and zeal to an outcome as the winner in every prospect of life, students are burning the midnight oil to cope with the fast-changing curriculum of the Institutions and requirement of the industries. The present scenario can be described as the phase in which a student has to be in the top league of performance not only in the field of academic but also in the area of curricular activities as well. Students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering have taken this change very seriously and have emerged themselves as the winners in every corner of the required requisites either by the institution or the industry. They have endeavored continuously for the best, and work in the direction for that. In the past two years, students of Mechanical Engineering at NorthCap University have been doing the projects of manufacturing the vehicles which run on solar energy and electric energy.

They have developed three vehicles namely Electric Solar Vehicle – I, Hybrid Vehicle and Electric Solar Vehicle – II.
The Electric Solar cars run on the combination of electric power, it can switch to solar power, Hybrid Vehicles run on the Petrol Engine, and it can turn to the electric power supplied to it from the batteries. They participated in the Electric Solar Vehicle Challenge (ESVC) 2018 organized by ISIE (Imperial Society for Innovative Engineers) at Shri Vishnu Women College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. The team (Team Alacrity) did very well in the theoretical round where the team stood Ist and at the final event where the team was ranked 12 pan India. The team bagged the 1st position in the endurance test and awarded by memento and cash prize. In the Hybrid vehicle, challenge team qualified to the final event which took place at the Galgotia’s University Greater Noida the event organizer praised the team and awarded with the spirit of the event award. The team participated in the ESVC 2019 where the team performed very well, and they were awarded the People’s Choice Award along with cash prize, the team also stood at the 3rd position in the Endurance test round. The students have given their blood sweat and tears to manufacture the green vehicles and training the 1st year students to come up with the better versions of both the vehicles. The Electric Solar Vehicle also won the 2nd prize at The NorthCap University in the best B.Tech projects across the University, in the placement process, team members of the team were praised by the recruiters of different firms for their efforts and they are working with reputed firms like Andritz Hydro, Vegazva, GROZ tools, Orangewood Labs and more.
Students of the Mechanical engineering department at NCU are going with green initiatives taken by the government along with teams of other institutions are leading the example of making green vehicles for the future.

Praveen Singh,
The Departmental of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology,
The Northcap University

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