Friday, June 14, 2019

Jolt- A smart way to commute.

Jolt India electric was founded with a goal to provide green technology solutions for everyone with our vast range of products like a solar charging station, solar rooftop systems, portable solar charging units, and electric bikes. the company aims for the greener future and encouragement of the emission-free technology. Jolt India is the first company to provide the solar portable system with the large no. of customization according to customers requirement and also first in the segment company to make solar knowledge assessable to the general public.

The NorthCap University created a platform for us to turn our ideas into reality. The infrastructure of the esteemed institution is not only planned but also well equipped with the latest upcoming technology. The university provided us space to carry out our operations and experiments and also encouraged us for the same.
The University faculty also provided the technical support required to build the application and the website for the same.
My supervisor Dr. Rohit Singh Lather supported me at my every step and has always been my ray of light. He always directed me on how to initiate the process and how to properly execute it with every attention to detail.
The NorthCap University not only taught me academics but also helped in improving my leadership skills.

Deepak Kalra,
2018 pass out from BTech Mechanical Engineering,
The NorthCap University.

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