Saturday, August 4, 2018

Justice M Karpaga Vinayagam delivers a lecture on ‘Constitution of India and Criminal Law’

Hon’ble Mr Justice M Karpaga Vinayagam, former Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court and Ex-Chairperson of Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, Petroleum and Natural Gas, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on ‘Constitution of India and Criminal Law’ on 3 Aug 2018, during the Induction Programme for 1st Year students. Justice Vinayagam was the first judge in the country to deliver a judgment banning tinted glasses in vehicles, following a gang rape of a college girl in a vehicle having such glasses.

From his personal experience he citied many instances to show how hard work brought success in his professional life. He said that law alone cannot change society and expressed dismay about the fact that despite changes made in the Law after the ‘Nirvbhaya’ case, rapes have not come down. He advised students to be honest about their jobs, build their characters and aspire to become responsible citizens of the country.

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