Monday, August 6, 2018

Enactus Society at the Induction Programme for 1st Year students

Members of the Enactus Society made a presentation about its activities, for the benefit of the community, to 1st Year students on 3 Aug 2018 during the Induction Programme for the freshers from 23 July to 3 Aug 2018. Students gained information about the Society’s activities for the welfare of the underprivileged such as initiating startups for them thereby empowering them to be entrepreneurs.

The Enactus Society received an overwhelming response from the students who interacted with its student representatives and learnt more about its activities such as the project of making newspaper pencils by the differently abled. They applauded these efforts of the Enactus Society and wanted to know the procedure for becoming a part of it. Several students filled up the offline forms. The online forms have been circulated among all 1st Year students of all the departments for getting a good mix of applicants for the Society. Enactus members dressed in Enactus T-shirts attracted the immediate attention of the freshers.

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