Thursday, 15 September 2016

Workshop on Positive Psychology

A workshop on Positive Psychology and Permanent Well-being was conducted by MsSrividyaRajaram on 10 September 2016 at the University. The objective of the workshop was to document the role of judgement, perception and other related processes in our lives and to spread the awareness that these processes are the filter through which we look at the world, people, emotions, our environment and everything. The workshop was very informative, enlightening and interactive in nature with practical applications.It attempted to engage the audience through the use of audio-visuals to learn about psychology of perception and judgement, how these affect our decision making,how these are reflected in larger issues like politics, religion, gender etc. and how to work on these processes. Around 100 participants benefited from the workshop who learnt the practical tools of judgement and perception and how these can be honed and sharpened so as to become more equipped in handling our day-to-day issues. The workshop was organized and coordinated by Ms Nikita Kapoor,Psychologist-cum-Counsellor,NCU.

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