Monday, 27 June 2016

If you are argumentative and possess good communication skills, studying Law could be the best option

Mr Subhradipta Sarkar
Assistant Professor, 
School of Law
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon 

Bhago!Bhago! Life is a race, if you don't run fast, you will be like a broken annda” – I still wonder whether it’s the mantra of success or failure for most of us when we grow up. Many times it so happens that neither the parents nor students are aware of the destination. And poor students have fewer options left and have to necessarily follow the ‘great expectations’ of their parents.

So, are you voluntarily choosing Law as your first career option? Are you seriously looking for a good law school in Haryana?  I know many young minds go through similar ordeal and are at crossroads about their future. I can assure all young aspirants that the 5-year integrated degree programme in Law is worth pursuing. If you believe that you possess good communication skills – both writing and speaking; you are interested in debates, good in analytical reasoning, have keen interest in social and political affairs – give yourself a chance in Law. This honourable profession needs more of your kind. For this reason, we, at NCU Law School encourage students to excel in their all-round capacity.

Gone are those days when people used to consider law as a residual career option and crowd the courts with no business. I am glad to see that there are an increasing number of top notch students opting for law as a career. Newer avenues are unfolding. Apart from your option of becoming a lawyer or a judge; you may also join as a legal advisor to law firms, companies, financial institutions, LPOs, national and international NGOs, UN agencies, so on and so forth. Now there are new arenas of legal specialities available which were unheard of until recently; e.g. international trade, technology and law, forensic science and law, intellectual property regime, etc. Situated near New Delhi – the hub of multifarious activities, law schools in Haryana, especially Gurgaon, have the edge in providing students with better exposure. Be assured, if you are sincere to your work, the profession is extremely rewarding both in terms of money and respect.

At present, legal education is in very high demand. There are an increasing number of law schools providing quality legal education opening up in different parts of the country. Ranks and achievements proclaim NCU Law School is one such law school in Haryana. So friends, if you are willing to do something different in life, this course offers you the requisite firepower. The opportunity is knocking on the door; the decision is yours – should you open it? For your information, CLAT and LSAT are two nationwide common entrance tests conducted for the National Law Schools and some other selected Law Schools respectively. Tests are generally conducted in the month of May. So watch out for the availability of forms in January – February. Student of any stream either appearing for or has passed the XII Examination may take those tests. It is mandatory to take either of those tests for admission at NCU Law School.

Wishing you all the best for your future!

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