Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana

Ms Megha Kalra
Asst Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

Engineering and technology are said to be one of the more difficult domains of study. These streams continue to remain in demand, although they are challenging but those studying these stand out of the crowd. Students are more likely to land up with handsome salary packages and good jobs in challenging roles. However the decision to join a graduation college should not be taken lightly. Engineering education is a personal, intellectual, social, emotional, and financial investment. There are so many Engineering institutes and choosing the right institution is indeed a tough task. Among the institutes in Delhi/NCR, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon stands apart from the rest as the No. 1 private university in the region. NCU is consistently ranked at the top as a high weightage is given to the prospect of personal enrichment and career advancement after graduation. Some of the key highlights of the University are:

(1) Growth of students: The faculty at NCU help the students in various manners to enhance their skill set, keep them focussed and directed towards their goal and nurturing them to be an excellent professional. Faculty play a unique role in helping them explore careers given the professional experience and content-specific expertise. Students are encouraged by group activities, assigning projects, internship in industry and peer mentoring system.

(2) Diversity in curriculum: The students are given an opportunity to choose multi -disciplinary subjects as per their interest. Students are given a freedom to choose their domain of expertise and express themselves at various forums.

(3) Academic Rigour: The University routine is fun with many co-curricular and cultural events going round the year but along with an intense curriculum. Emphasis is given to imparting students with quality education and skill set so that they can be independent and master of their field.

(4) Freedom of Expression: NCU provides a friendly environment to students so that they can freely discuss their problems and other matters with any concerned. The University believes that a student can excel only in a stress free environment.

(5) Opportunities for growth: Numerous opportunities in the form of internship, industrial interactions, live projects with the industry, professional societies, site visits, training on soft skills, communication skills are provided to students for their overall development. The students here are prepared to be the future leaders.

The NorthCap University is one of the top engineering private colleges in Delhi/NCR and Haryana which truly promotes its motto of ‘Students First’.

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