Thursday, 22 October 2015

THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, Gurgaon steps towards green environment

Being one of the best universities in Delhi NCR, THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, Gurgaon is an environmentally sensitive university. It has a zero discharge campus with rain water harvesting and water recycling procedures. The University is possibly the first and only university to install a modern and efficient 150 KW solar power system with a net metering facility. It has taken a few initiatives to make the campus eco-friendly. 

• Energy Conservation: The new block of the University is equipped with LED lighting. The old workshops and buildings have been renovated with false ceilings to reduce heat load. Renovation of existing classrooms are being planned to have the LED lighting system.

• Use of renewable energy: Based on a green audit, installation of 150 KW rooftop solar PV system is underway at the University parking area.

• Water harvesting:Five rain water harvesting structures have been constructed within the University premises. The pipes go to 300 feet below ground and are of 8 inches diameter so as to reach the aquifers and ensure ‘Zero discharge’ of rain water beyond the campus.

• Sewage management: The University garbage is handed over responsibly to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) for the proper disposal of the same. No hazardous waste is produced in the campus.A 100 KLD sewage treatment plant is being installed in the campus to ensure zero discharge to municipal sewer line with plans to sustain our water irrigation requirements of horticulture from treated water.

• Efforts for Carbon neutrality: The University has ensured a green foot print of 6 acres of green area out of the 10 acres of campus.

• Plantations: A very vibrant and green garden is maintained in the University, with ample trees/ shrubbery. It has been the consecutive 14th year winner of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) competition in Gurgaon.

• E – Waste management: E – waste is segregated and reused where relevant or else the e-waste is recycled to external vendors. A tie up with Hindustan Times has ensured our paper recycling for their newsprint requirements upto 2014 till the scheme lasted. The University also has association with Attero Recycling Pvt. Ltd, India's largest E-waste management company for proper disposal of e-waste materials.

The judicious and eco-friendly initiatives by THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY have helped in  making it the leading university in Delhi NCR the efficient and environmentally sensitive. 

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