Sunday, 19 April 2015

A poem by Pallavi Yadav IT-6

Just a smile away.. Doesn't matter if we travel a foot or a mile,
Most important thing is a face with a smile.
Thousands reasons can be there to make you feel sad,
But a wrinkled forehead can never help you in situations bad.
You may not get every time what you want,
A depressed face is the one from which everyone gets haunt.

I might not be able to make you happy forever,
But a smile I can surely bring, you need me whenever.
Sadness is something that'll take you more into darkness,
One small effort can make you realise the importance of happiness.
Don't be so hopeless from your colourful life,
Because in the color blindness of sorrow you can only see black and white.
So just smile and make yourself feel good,
As you are a human being not just a piece of wood.

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