Sunday, 8 March 2015

What Makes ITMU Gurgaon a favourite Destination for PhD Programme?

In the 21th century research and innovation is and will remain the essential component for the development of any country. The development the world depends on and impacts every individual. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) becomes an essential qualification for academics to pursue research. The Ph.D program at ITM University, Gurgaon focuses on growth at national/international as well as individual level through science and technology. ITM University is a short spam of four years has over 100 active Ph.D scholars in the fields of Mechanical Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering; Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry and Law. These Ph.D scholars are working on several issues of academic importance. Eligible Ph.D scholars are offered financial support through university fellowships and through many other schemes. Joint supervision with supervisors from National Institute of Technology (NITs), Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and professors of national repute is provided to the Ph.D scholars. Mentorship from renowned scientists and ‘who is who’ in the country is also made available to the Ph.D scholars.

Academic research is a vital component of any university. Keeping this mind, ITMU pursues its Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programme with vigour and seriousness that it deserves. The university has setup a Central Research Facility and has many specialized laboratories and research programs for academic research work. ITM University has collaborations with many foreign universities of international repute as well as with many industries of national repute.

The admission into the Doctor of Philosophy Program is competitive and merit based. The admission is normally done twice in a year, i.e., in November - December and in May - June by holding an admission test followed by personal interview. NET and GATE qualified students are exempt from admission test. For outstanding students, who have qualified for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Program through any National Level Test like CSIR-UGC NET or GATE, the admission can be done any time during the year.

ITM University has a unique advantage of having many faculty members from IITs, JNU and many others. ITM University fully utilizes this potential for the benefit of its Ph.D Scholars.
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Dr. Pramod Bhatia
HoD Mechanical Engineering

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