Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Two Defense lawyers in the 2012 Delhi gang rape have recently drawn attention of everyone by their statements in an interview given during the BBC documentary film titled “India’s Daughter”. The Bar Council of India has issued Show Cause Notices to the lawyers for allegedly making derogatory anti-women remarks. Incidents of this nature reiterate the fact that every profession is governed by a code of conduct which needs to be strictly adhered to by any professional for maintaining integrity in the profession.

In the light of the importance of maintaining an appropriate standard of professional conduct, School of Law, ITM University Gurgaon organized a special lecture on “Professional Ethics” delivered by Prof. Marian Pinheiro, the Principal Director of School of Law, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), Delhi on March 11, 2015.

In his highly motivational address, Prof. Pinheiro demonstrated the importance of ethics in everyday life through various innovative audio visual clips. He stressed on honing the basic skills in human beings such as character, competence, perception, time management and attitude for a successful professional career. An ‘Occupation’ would become a ‘Profession’ when the key criteria of a profession like crucial social relevance, specialized knowledge  higher education and training, code of professional ethics, individual and collective autonomy along with the high prestige and of course, remuneration. While concluding his lecture, Prof. Pinheiro highlighted the correlation between ethics and law, and encouraged the young aspirants of law to imbibe basic values. Prof. Sanoj Rajan, HoD, School of Law expressed his gratitude to Prof. Pinheiro for his inspiring lecture.

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