Friday, 13 March 2015

From Campus to Corporate

  Roopakshi Bajalia
  Electronics and Communication Engineering
  Class of 2015

We were placed with Deloitte on September 1, 2014 and the odyssey started on December 22, 2014 where all nine of us turned up for our induction procedures to start. We had a laptop in our hands even before we received the Deloitte ID cards. We met our University seniors and seeing them working with such ease and team work, got us highly motivated and eager to learn. 

The next few days acquainted us with their superlative technology that is truly ‘smart’. The tools used, processed millions of data bits in just a few seconds. A technology like that is a roller coaster ride for a beginner. Little did we know that we were going to be ‘on the floor’ in a matter of days. On of January 5th we were inducted and began working as a part of the world’s largest auditing firm. Initially we were running to our Technical Buddies all the time. I remember asking my buddy some question or the other every morning. It took me almost a week to get acquainted with the technical terms. 

Over the weeks I realized that we will have to work without breaks as our ‘Busy Season’ had started. But whenever we had breaks they were worth every second. Every Wednesday we had our busy season lunch and every Thursday we even had ‘busy season snacks’. We were happy when our seniors appreciated our hard work I and my colleagues were awarded a ‘Busy Season Award’. The internship ended with the cutting of a ‘red velvet cake’ and good wishes from our colleagues. As I left the building, I could already feel the transformation in me and wished myself best of luck for the corporate world.

I am truly thankful to my parents, friends and ITM University, Gurgaon for believing in our dreams and supporting us endlessly.

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