Tuesday, 3 March 2015

ITM University Gurgaon is Unique Where the Academic Philosophy is Woven Around “Student First”

ITM University Gurgaon since its inception in 1996 as ITM, Gurgaon has been a student-centric institution. Students are the very purpose for which an academic institution should exist and nurturing them into globally employable talent is the single focus of any good academic institution. Because of its steadfast commitment to ‘student – first’ philosophy; ITM became an autonomous College of MDU in 2008 and a statutory private university through an Act of Haryana legislature in 2010. ITM University, Gurgaon’s philosophy is contained in its logo independent, innovative and inspiring which further reinforces its philosophy of being student-centric. After becoming a University, ITMU Gurgaon has used it autonomy to further nurture its students by developing innovative policies by revisiting the academic curricula and restructure its credit structure; (L-T-P) structure to focus more on practical orientation and interactive teaching–learning pedagogy. Inclusion of industry representatives in Board of Studies ensures the curricula to be relevant; focus on compulsory industry internships with credits assigned to it adds seriousness to the internship and faculty supervised summer training gives a feel of ‘work environment’ these students will face upon graduation. ITMU has taken several student-centric policy initiatives to achieve its vision and mission. These include mandatory Learning Management System (LMS) for each student which enables each student to have access to learning materials which also serve as medium of reaching out to each student for transferring academics related information. ITMU Gurgaon has established e-brary and a wi-fi campus to facilitate e-learning based processes. An on-line compulsory student feedback on each course each semester gives an opportunity to each student to give a feedback on the degree of satisfaction obtained by them and suggest further improvements in the course content and teaching effectiveness of concerned faculty. Departmental level class committees and central school level class committees address the academic issues and resolve problems quickly in a participative and transparent manner.

 ITMU, Gurgaon has evolved innovative academic polices to assist weak students by identifying them on the basis of Minor 1 test and give special help and assistance for improving their academic performance. The policy expects each faculty to track their academic performance till Major Test; this helps many students to improve their academic performance. The concept of ‘Peer Tutor’ scheme is very unique student-centric policy. It identifies academically brilliant students as ‘Peer Tutor’ and asks them to help weak students as ‘tutees’. A student may feel more ‘at ease’ to seek solution of his academic difficulty with another senior but brilliant student. The ‘Peer Tutor’ gets a monthly financial compensation for his/her efforts in helping ‘tutees’ in their group. ITMU, Gurgaon has put in place polices to encourage students to become a member of international professional societies and has signed up with reputed professional societies to establish student chapter in ITMU, Gurgaon-such as American Society for Quality (ASQ). ASCE etc. For students having CGPA of 8.75 the entire internship subscription is borne by the university. For all others with 6.75 CGPA, 50% of the fee is borne by the university. School of Professional Attachment (SPA) has been established at ITMU, Gurgaon to facilitate on-campus placement by inviting companies to visit campus and hire it graduating batch. In addition, SPA facilitates internship placement during summer vacations. It also nurtures the students by helping them in improving their personality by conducting Mock interviews and presentations by students for developing their communication skills. VA (Value Added) Courses-both technical and attitudinal are conducted by experts from external sources in addition to internal resources in academic departments and Centre for Language Learning (CLL). It has started teaching of foreign languages –French and German; in addition to English language to facilitate global exposure of ITMU, Gurgaon students.

Examination reforms; such as continuous evaluation through two minor tests and one major test as well as three quizzes and assignments as well as totally transparent evaluation polices-such as showing evaluated answer scripts; display of pre-major marks; relative grading are all designed to keep in mind its ‘student-first’ philosophy. ITMU, Gurgaon has also nurtured its students by making GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) mandatory because it has become pre-requisite for employment in public sector companies- in addition to enable us to know where do we stand in this national level benchmarking. Concept of ITMU scholar; Dean’s list and Merit scholarships are intended to motivate better performance by recognizing merit – in addition to nurture weak students through polices enumerated above. ITMU, Gurgaon has created sports facilities, various clubs-music, dramatics; debating etc. to develop sport – skills and managerial capabilities among its students. Participating in various events management activities enables them to learn team work; time management, coordination; leadership; resources management and this in turn helps in enhancement of their employability. Discipline is the key to employability and ITMU inculcates a sense of discipline through some of its student-focused policies. It has had the distinction of being a 100% ragging-free campus for years since inception. Zero tolerance against acts of indiscipline, unfair means policies in examination and total adherence to academic calendar makes ITM University a unique place where all its academic polices are evolved with its philosophy of ‘student-first’. The entire University community-the Governing Body; Academic Council; Vice-Chancellor, Deans, Heads and all faculty members are committed to this philosophy for realization of university’s vision, mission and core values with ‘ student-first’ philosophy.

Written By: 
Prof. Prem Vrat,
Professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor
ITM University

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