Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Differentiators Which Draw Students To ITM University, Gurgaon Campus

ITM University Gurgaon; since its inception as ITM in 1996 and as ITMU in 2010 has been attracting students as one of their preferred destination for admission. Its Vision statement explicitly states to become a preferred destination. To support the Vision, ITMU has established a unique campus where ‘quality’ is the central theme of all its endeavours and that is its key differentiator. This is reflected in all of its facilities; infrastructure; processes; policies; structure, faculty and leadership. Some of these differentiators are listed as follows:

1.   ITMU Gurgaon has an excellent locational advantage as it is located in HUDA Colony giving an easy access to students. It is in the heart of industrial and cultural hub of Haryana; just 7 kms from International Airport of Delhi. This locational advantage facilitates easy connectivity with air; road and metro. The campus is very safe-particularly for its girl students and has not seen any untoward incident since inception. This easy to reach and safe campus environment is a key differentiator.

2.  The physical infrastructure is World-Class. Its lush green lawns have been bagging first prize from HUDA for 12 years in a row. The moment one enters the campus; its physical ambience and cleanliness looks impressive and is a first manifestation of the quality focus in the University. Its classrooms; library, wash-rooms; Wi-Fi, air-conditioned campus with dedicated DG-set to ensure continuous power supply and internet connectivity with 60mbps band-width provide the necessary pre-requisite to deliver a quality education.

3.   In addition to physical infrastructure, ITMU Gurgaon has a set of very clear Vision, Mission and Core Values that focus on academic excellence. It has put in place transparent; efficient and enabling standard operating policies and procedures in place for smooth functioning of teaching-learning and evaluation processes. Annual Academic calendar is set-up by Academic Council and meticulously followed with zero tolerance on deviations. Classes are held on schedules and any deviation from it is captured; resolved and prevented in future. Class rooms are equipped to facilitate technology-enabled education with LMS (Learning Management Systems) and ERP. Education technology enabled teaching pedagogy is a rule rather than exception for effectiveness.

4.   ITMU Gurgaon has focused on attracting, retaining and motivating quality faculty. Some of the faculty members have had excellent academic credentials at IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and other similar places. They are hired on merit and are mentored by a group of role-model faculty mentors. ITMU Gurgaon is perhaps a unique institution to assign faculty mentors to each of its young faculty in order to nurture and develop them. Its Academic Advisory Board comprises of almost ‘who’s who’ of academic and industry leaders and acts as a think-tank and as direction indicator to navigate the university in the direction of academic excellence.

5.   All academic processes and policies at ITMU, Gurgaon are student-centric and quality driven such as: continuous evaluation; practical orientation, summer-internship; compulsory on-line student feedback on each course, relative grading, rationalized credit structure with optimal mix of core and elective subjects intended to nurture students holistically and to develop them academically as well as in terms of their personality profile.

6.   University has a number of honorary distinguished adjunct/research professors from India and abroad who periodically visit to mentor faculty and students and show research directions. It has associated with it more than 15 fellows of national academies of science and engineering and has five Bhatnagar awardee scientists in this capacity. This has helped in creating a good research ambience and set-up a Central Research Facility and Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation Fund to encourage research and innovation.

7.   ITMU’s faculty performance appraisal aims as developing and nurturing faculty quality. A quality faculty in conjunction with excellent quality infrastructure is a key enabler to academic excellence. The faculty performance appraisal is objective, holistic, participative and aims at rewarding faculty merit in addition to giving best teacher awards; best research awards etc.

8.   Admission process of ITMU Gurgaon is transparent and merit driven and has proved effective year after year in filling its seats with good selectivity ratios. The fee structure is transparent and is aimed at offering quality education that is affordable; it also gives scholarships to meritorious students as well as to those with modest means to facilitate quality education to such students.

9.  High placements among eligible students are another key differentiator here. School of Professional Attachment (SPA) facilitates visit of companies for campus placement and also develop students for high employability. Very Good companies-including from core sectors visit ITMU, Gurgaon year after year and some of our alumni have achieved high levels of success in the world of work. SPA continues its efforts till all eligible students are placed even after graduation.

10. ITMU Gurgaon has excellent library with e-books and e-journals and has linkages with IIT Delhi for virtual laboratory in some departments and organizes invited lectures by reputed academics from India and abroad to supplement the teaching–learning process, in addition to its dedicated quality faculty in the regular courses.

In conclusion; it can be seen that ITMU Gurgaon offers a set of distinct advantages in studying at its premises because it has a student-centric, learning-driven academic processes with quality faculty and excellent, clean and green campus environment. Quality, transparency, safe and clean environment with focus on employability at an excellent location are some of its USP’s that attract students to study at ITMU, Gurgaon.

Written By: 
Prof. Prem Vrat, 
Professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor 
ITM University  

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