Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Workshop on Digital Marketing at ITM University, Gurgaon

A Digital Marketing Workshop was organized on 21st February 2015, to empower students to take charge of their web site and make it a truly effective marketing tool. This workshop provided an understanding to the fundamentals and a step by step approach to making immediate strategic improvements to a business web-site. 23 participants benefited from the workshop in terms of:
·Effective Internet Marketing strategies
·Best practices of Web Site Development / Management.
·Effective Search Engine Optimization strategies.
·What Social Media Marketing tools can be deployed for a successful internet business?
·Using the power of Web Analytics to gauge success of an online website.
·Utilizing the strength of these four elements to create a successful Internet Marketing Strategy.

The first session included effective internet marketing strategies deployed by leading e-marketers. The second session on Search engine optimization strategies reviewed the basic principles and discussed the best practices of Web designing activity. Furthermore, the effective SEO strategies were discussed in addition to providing tips for optimization.

The third session on Utilizing the power of Social Media Marketing introduced the various Social media concepts, characteristics and tools. Additional discussion was carried out on Social network marketing systems & processes utilizing successful cases.  This was followed up by a talk on the latest trends in social networking and marketing campaigns.

The fourth session on Measuring success with web analytics focused on the importance of web analytics to measure business performance. Types of web analytical tools were discussed using relevant case studies. Finally the various factors contributing to the success of an online web business were highlighted.

The workshop was well appreciated by all the participants and the overall feedback was extremely encouraging. The participants expressed interest in participating in many similar workshops in future which aim to extract the maximum potential of internet in today's business environment. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Ruchi Nayyar (Assistant Professor, SOM) and coordinated by Dr. Himanshu Choudhary (Associate Professor, SOM). 
Dr. Ruchi Nayyar taking the Workshop

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