Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ITM University, Gurgaon – Club Fiesta 2015

Gurgaon, 20 February: With the onset of spring, comes a season for celebrations. ITM University,Gurgaon celebrated its Club Fiesta day on 20 February 2015. Various student clubs of the University organized extracurricular activities and competitions. The students in a jubilant mood turned up in large numbers to showcase their extracurricular skills. They organized several cultural programmes and game shows spread through the day. The day started with a theatrical presentation by Abhimanch, the Drama Club of the University.  This year the theme of the street play was ‘TRP in media’ and how it can slant the news, if not presented in an unbiased manner. The other attractions of the day were a photo exhibition by Lumiere (Photography club) and musical performances by Encore (Music club) and games by Crossroads (Students club). The Guitar Wars by the University Encore band got students tapping to the beat and enjoying the lively numbers. 

The Club Fiesta saw a culmination to the week-long activities organized by the Student Clubs which included technical and non-technical quizzes, mime shows, speeches and debates, technical competitions and much more.

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