Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hang Around Spots Around ITMU

ITMU may have a reputation of a very academically oriented university but the students have their fair share of fun as well. There are quite a few places to chill out after a hard day of lectures. All these places lie in a 500m radius of the university.

Let’s start closest from the campus and work our way outwards…

 A must visit for rolls and sandwiches

Greenway Aunty:-A little place built in the parking space of a house barely a hundred meters from the main gate, you get all sort of eatables from rolls to momos & from maggi to chilli potatoes. The stall was earlier in the place called Greenwoods which is now Games and Grills. 

Visit for Rolls, Lemon Soda, Cold Coffee.

Bobos Corner:-A small little stall famous for its cold coffee and lemon soda is just ahead, opposite Greenwood Aunty. The stall handler Ram, is a great guy who readily gives “udhaar”.
Visit for Chola Kulcha  and Paneer Kulcha

Sanjay:-This stall serves the best chola kulcha you will ever eat. Sanjay knows every guy in college on a first name basis. Catch up there on all college gossip and who got bullied by whom, Sanjay known at all.

The last on the list is also the latest addiction.

 Om Tea Stall:-On a chilly foggy morning, nothing feels better than a hot steaming
 cup of adrak chai. Om Tea has the best tea around the campus .Right opposite, 
 you will find a stall famous for its grilled sandwiches and omelettes. Visit for Tea,
 Omelettes, Grilled Sandwiches.

Visit for good continental food, ambience, music.

The Old Café- A retro feel café in the basement. It has cool bike and an American chopper at the entrance. .Good music, excellent ambiance and good food are some highlights .Visit if you have money to spend and you feel like eating good food worth the money. Most ITMU students are found here these days.

Other than these places:Tau Devilal park is close by for a serene peaceful  and environment friendly walk and Ansal Plaza for a quick get away for pizzas. So you can see anyone coming to ITMU is spoilt for choice for places to hang out. 

 Any places I have missed? Probably you can add, or give me your take on my favorites on the food list. Happy outings!

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