Thursday, August 26, 2021

Three-Year B.Sc. Data Science Trumps Four-Year Engineering!

 Education is one of the most expensive yet crucial investments a student makes in their lifetime. The majority of bachelor’s degree programs in engineering require 175 credit hours and are completed over four years. However, some universities in India are offering a three-year "B Sc(H)" program in data science, which includes summer studies, internships, and real-world work experience. A three-year Data Science program not only reduces the course duration, provides real-world experience and internships, but also reduces the course fee significantly. Unfortunately, students and parents continue to believe that job opportunities through a BSc degree are limited in comparison to a B. Tech degree. Hence, both students and parents must understand the pros of choosing a 3-year B.Sc. Data Science degree over a four-year engineering course.

A major advantage BSc courses have over B Tech courses is the reduced financial burden on a student and parent. B Tech courses continue to be more expensive than BSc courses. Hence, students coming from an economically weak background may not be able to afford a B. Tech Course and should rather opt for a BSc Degree. Apart from reduced fees, BSc also offers a wide range of career options nowadays. With the data science market booming, it is a lucrative career option for many young professionals today. A 2018 report by LinkedIn reported a shortage of 1,50,000 people with data scientist skills in the USA. While in India, around 93,000 data scientist jobs were left vacant. This proves that there is a demand for data scientists worldwide, provided they have the right skills and knowledge of data science courses. Indeed records a 29% increase in data scientist job postings every year, reporting data science courses as one of the highest demand skills. Furthermore, the duration of a BSc program is three years, while that of the B Tech program is four years. In 5 years, one can earn both their Bachelor's and Master's if they want to do an MSc or an MBA.

BSc in Data Science program provides an in-depth understanding of data science and the techniques of analysing quantitative and qualitative data to arrive at solutions. More and more businesses in India are focusing their attention and resources on big data and digital products. As a future Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Business Analyst, a BSc in Data Science program aids students to develop necessary skills by inculcating them with the required skills. After graduation, graduates will have the opportunity to work in Machine Learning, Application Development Analyst, Back End Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Scientist, Customer Success Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Big Data Developer, and Sales Recruiter.

Dr. Hukum Singh

Head, Dept of Applied Sciences & Associate Professor

The NorthCap University, Gurugram Haryana

Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Dept of Applied Sciences & Associate Professor

The NorthCap University, Gurugram Haryana

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