Tuesday, May 18, 2021

After Covid: Phoenix like Rise for India- A Mission

India is in turmoil. Despair all around. Snake-like rise in Covid cases during April'21 has caught everyone by surprise. Medical infrastructure is under immense stress. The current surge in cases has happened due to new variant of corona virus, which is highly infectious, and has seen hospitals run out of beds and oxygen and families of patients for medicines. According to WHO, India now accounts for 46% of world's new cases and a quarter of deaths due to virus. From being a vaccine and medicines/PPE kits provider till March end, our country has turned into receiver of international aid within one month.

Situation Analysis: India and the world is caught with surprise

A report in Indian Express dated 18th March had stated that temporary hospitals built during 2021 to tackle the corona crisis were being dismantled and ventilator manufacturers facing closure. And see how the situation turned drastically in April (golden line in the graph shows the intensity of the second wave and the black the first wave), proving all forecasts and predictions wrong.

Source: Prof. ShamikaRavi@ShamikaRavi

Many lives have been lost due to the fury caused by double mutant. Infrastructure is under immense pressure and the times of lockdown are back. Again we have the migrants' problem to deal with. Students also are experiencing stress. Number of active cases are expected to peak, but not before mid-May. Immense loss to economy, which was expected to grow (as reported in last week of March) by about 11.5-12% in 21-22.

The NorthCap University Initiatives: Presently, the university is closed. Like during the first wave, the institution is engaging with the students in online mode, using technological tools. Minor exams have been conducted in online mode only. Necessary support is being provided to students and faculty during this period. Verified addresses are also being provided for sourcing essentials like oxygen, beds, medicines, Plasma etc.

Future Direction for the Country: Faced with faith-accompli, our country has to cope with all determination and collective efforts. We have to face today's uncertainty with all our strength. Masking, sanitising, vaccinating have to be our weapons. We have to respect the law and continue with Covid-appropriate behaviour. Most important, young have to stay safe, lest they infect the elderly at home. Today, not only our immunity but also spiritual strength is under test. Many organizations and individuals are helping the hapless during this crisis. This gives courage to one and all. There are so many stories of help emerging, almost regularly. Now, as a country, we have to not only recover as fast as possible and prevent any fresh wave of infections, but also rise like Phoenix and become a giver to the world community in the next three years. That should be the mission!

Prof S.K.Breja

Distinguished Professor
(Strategy and SCM)

School of Management

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