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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Vth NCU National Moot Court Competition 14-15 April 2018

The School of Law (SOL) organised its Vth NCU National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) from 14-15 April 2018. It is one of the rare competitions in India which is being held on a pressing issue of environmental law with changing theme every year for which it has also been conferred the title of “Indian Stetson”. The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Justice Rajesh Kumar Agarwal, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Mr SB Mitra, Executive Director (Law & HR), GAIL (India) Ltd, Prof. Pushpesh Pant (Professor Emeritus) NCU. Justice Agarwal appreciated the efforts of SOL for highlighting such a critical and important issue of present day relevance, namely the Shale Gas as an alternative source of energy. The Moot Court Competition witnessed participation from Central and State Universities, National and Private Law Schools from all across the country. 

SOL NCU has carved a niche for itself, as a leader in Environment Law Moot Court Competition. The Moot Proposition for the Vth Edition highlighted the contemporary issues related to exploration and production of Shale Gas, with special emphasis on unavailability of land, displacement of local communities and mineral rights and ownership. The moot proposition was closely related to use of Shale Gas as an energy resource and the problems that are a part of production and consumption of Shale Gas. The moot court competition vexed to tackle the big picture question that whether it is necessary to have development to feed the energy needs at the price of creating a water problem. 

Eminent dignitaries from the legal domain, Supreme Court lawyers, corporate officers and academicians were invited to judge the various rounds that took place over the two days. Out of the 20 teams, eight teams qualified for the quarter-finals on the first day of the Competition, and four teams qualified for the semi-final round and battled on the second day to reach the finals.

The Final Round of the Competition was chaired by a bench comprising of Hon’ble Justice M Karpaga Vinayagam, Former Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court, Prof. Dr Paramjit S Jaswal, Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law and Prof. Anatole Boute, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in Energy, Environment and Investment Law. The final round witnessed exhaustive and enlightening questioning by the Bench. They asked several questions pertaining to challenges of Shale Gas fracking process and Centre-State relationship with respect to mineral ownership. The competing teams answered the questions in a commendable manner. The students received a lot of appreciation and sound advice from the judges regarding how to answer the questions in a Court of Law. 

NUSRL, Ranchi emerged as the Winner of the competition and awarded a trophy, certificate and a cash prize of Rs 40,000 and SASTRA University, Chennai were the Runners-up and awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000. Award for the Best Memorial of Rs 10,000 was bagged by RGNUL, Patiala; Award for Best Female Advocate of Rs 10,000 was won by Aiman Hashmi, Law Centre-I, University of Delhi  and Award for Best Male Advocate of Rs 10,000 was won by Mayank Jain, School of Law, Ansal University.

Quoting Sir Albert Einstein – “Try not to become a man of only success, rather to become a man of value”-  this lesson of values and ethics is what the School of Law, The North Cap University strives to bring across to its students. Similar lessons have always been brought up in the series of Environmental Law Moot Competitions, conducted by the School of Law and it continues to look forward to hosting further series of enlightening events and also to come up with the VIth Edition of National Moot Court Competition with another important and concerning topic.

Monday, 15 February 2016


If you are argumentative and possess the talent to fight your side to the end, join law school, as lawyers have to battle it out for their clients in court rooms. What makes this profession special is that a lawyer is an agent of change as it gives him/her the power to see rules from different perspectives and present them in a manner that may gradually lead to changes in relevant laws for the benefit of society at large.

Lawyering is a craft that takes a long time to acquire. Half-hearted attempts at lawyering or those who turn to lawyering as a fall-back
 are less likely to succeed in this profession. One has to be skilled in speaking, researching, reading, writing, and above all patience. Persistence is an important attribute that a lawyer has to develop. A lawyer has to cogently put across a point for which tough texts have to be read, researched and analyzed with keen attention to the minutest detail. Arguments have to be written flawlessly and argued convincingly but coolly. It is imperative for aspiring lawyers to participate in Moot Court Competitions in law schools. One such institution is the School of Law, THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY (NCU), Gurgaon.

Simulated court proceedings or Moot Courts are an integral part of law study and every area of law can conduct Moot Courts. Participants prepare cases by writing out submissions and presenting parties in oral pleadings in front of an expert Jury. 

Why participate in a Moot Court Competitition 
Inter-collegiate Moot Court Competitions are a great way to practice the skills of studying and analyzing a case in depth, writing it out and then arguing it out for the team to win. It sharpens your persuasive writing and oral advocacy skills. You gain self-confidence as you work with other students to set and accomplish goals. More importantly ‘Mooters’ have fun while learning.

Law colleges of Delhi-NCR and other states came together at NCU’s moot court competition to showcase as well as hone their advocacy skills. It was a platform to demonstrate core and practical skills along with the use of theory to enhance their research, analysis, investigatory skills and also develop a passion for law.

Negotiating is particularly an important skill to acquire for a potential lawyer as the guilty need representation too and s/he won’t always be representing the innocent party. A lawyer has to negotiate and try to win a lesser jail sentence or compensation for someone that’s broken the law, not something you’d expect when you went to Law School!

Moot Court Competitions are an occasion to meet and interact with distinguished members of the bench and bar who speak at the event or judge the oral arguments. It is also an opportunity for employers to select potential lawyers for their organization and for the college it offers excellent campus placement opportunity. Many competitors use an excerpt of their brief as a writing sample for job interviews.

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Written by Rekha Mathur