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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

MBA Institutes in Delhi NCR

Dr Nirupma Gupta
School of Management
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

The National Capital Region commonly known as is a metropolitan region that includes the National Capital Territory of Delhi plus 23 districts in the neighboring states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Delhi and NCR, especially Gurgaon, is a hub of multinational companies which offer multiple job opportunities in varied management fields for deserving aspirants. Delhi and neighboring cities of Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida and Faridabad have plenty of options for keen MBA admission seekers, who are looking for admission in well known MBA colleges and want to stay close to industry and corporate world. Delhi and NCR actually accounts for one of the largest clusters of Business Schools in India.

MBA degree not only broadens one’s knowledge, strengthens business acumen, hones managerial skills but also develops a holistic view of business environment and world at large. If one is inclined towards possessing an MBA degree, one of the crucial decisive areas is to select the most appropriate Institute that offers the MBA programme and paves the way for endless number of job opportunities. Delhi NCR is a home to a large no of institutes imparting industry driven management education striving to bridge the gap between classroom learning and acclimatizing students to corporate culture. However, selection of an institute that gives an aspirant, personal and professional dividends, throughout his life is not an easy task. As pursuing MBA involves a serious commitment of time and money so one needs to be very judgmental to cut through  information about various possible options available in terms of plethora of institutes making huge promises and boastful of providing quality management education and helping  in realizing one’s dreams.

Some commonly identified decision criteria and key parameters for choosing an MBA institute are the quality of faculty, students, fee structure, courses offered, placement history, infrastructure, location, and facilities. Some of the well known MBA institutes/ universities offering MBA programme, located in Delhi NCR which have contributed in awarding it a prominent place on the national map in the area of management education are MDI Gurgaon; Fore School of Management, New Delhi; Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi; IMT,  Ghaziabad, IMI New Delhi, NIILM Centre for Management Studies; GL Bajaj , Noida; Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida;

Amity University, Noida; NITRA, Ghaziabad and The NorthCap University, Gurgaon, to name a few.

The NorthCap University, Gurgaon has been rated as the top and only private university in Delhi/NCR in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. It is ranked 82nd out of 233 participating universities of the total 740 universities in India. Management aspirants in NCU are nurtured by experienced faculty using innovative teaching pedagogy and are equipped for facing industry challenges with a bang by partnering with them for their holistic development. The state of the art campus, lush green environment, modern classrooms, smart boards further  add to the overall enriching experience of the students. They are provided a platform for interacting with management professionals through seminars, guest lectures, alumni interactions, workshops, panel discussions, and pre-placement interview sessions. Realizing the need for all round development of its students, NCU also endows its students with ample opportunities to participate in cultural events, technical and annual fests, etc. which imbibes a sense of discipline, responsibility, togetherness and a chance of  learning by doing.  Last but not the least safety and security of its members has always been a matter of prime importance for The NorthCap University. It has been positioned at the 4th rank in all Private Universities in North India by NIRF Ranking by Ministry of Human Resource Development. This has been possible only because every member of NCU family shares a common vision of imparting quality education and contributing in making it a preferred destination amongst MBA institutes in Delhi/NCR to realize one’s dreams in the field of education.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Best B-School in NCR to join for BBA

The School
The School of Management at THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, Gurgaon, one of the top B Schools in Delhi NCR, endeavors to impart education in an extremely congenial environment. The classroom architecture provides a sustainable setting which encourages students to express themselves freely. Instructors deploy multiple teaching methods to facilitate teaching. Case studies enable students to take on the role of decision makers. Active engagement during class room activities enhance students’ problem solving and analytical skills and establish a framework for analysis. The School has a fully wi-fi enabled, air-conditioned academic infrastructure with round the clock power backup. Besides the classrooms, tutorial rooms, faculty cabins, seminar hall, conference rooms and a media room, we have well equipped labs and workshops, where students can not only carry out practical training, but also indulge in extensive research. 

The teaching pedagogy inculcates collaborative learning, with a focus on group discussions, just-a-minute sessions, puzzles/paradoxes roles, quizzes, fish bowl exercises and formal debates which increase student involvement and comprehension.
NCU Management School houses a wealth of knowledge in its spacious and well stocked physical and digital library. Students have 24x7 accesses to online journals and magazines. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled and fast internet makes learning a fun-filled exercise. The existing infrastructure has been recently enhanced by the addition of an ultra-modern academic block, which has assured the growth potential of the institution. With state of the art classrooms, over 460-seater auditorium, seminar rooms and tutorial rooms the five storied building has substantially enhanced the intake capacity of the University. The laboratories and workshops are equipped with modern equipment, instruments, kits and software tools and are constantly upgraded to match the requirements of the new curricula.

To meet the growing industry demands, the management curriculum is meticulously designed. Students are encouraged to choose electives in Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR domains. New subjects such as Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Innovation and Entrepreneurship have been added recently to guide students identify opportunities hidden in Big Data and E-Business. Overall, the School takes a balanced approach towards academics wherein no specific domain is over-emphasized. Indeed the right B-School to be in.

Dr. Ruchi Nayyar
Assistant Professor 
School of Management

Monday, 1 February 2016

Top Management / Business School in Delhi NCR

The National Capital Region (NCR) witnessed an unprecedented growth with the mushrooming of a large number of B-schools seeking to cater to the increasing demand for a management degree. There are many prominent MBA colleges in Delhi and neighboring cities of Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida and Faridabad. The ample options are available for aspirants of Management admissions in Delhi NCR along with the benefits of being in a hub of industrialization and jobs and cosmopolitan living environment.‘Make in India’, major national initiative which focuses on making India a global manufacturing hub has given rise to employment opportunities in the market and will lead to better economic conditions in the country.Startups are the new horizon in employment creating jobs particularly in IT, operations, logistics and the services sector. Startups are a perfect blend of virtual and physical business, giving new level of efficiency to customers. Global and local investors are overwhelmly investing in Indian startups thus encouraging them to become the one of the top recruiters, on and off campus.Being one of the fastest growing cities of India, Delhi throws up employment opportunities for people from all walks of life. 

The entry of multi-national firms into the Indian commercial and business scenario and headquarters of the big business houses in Delhi NCR creates employment opportunities for aspirants from all walks of life. Schools of Management in Delhi NCR have a significant amount of thinking and envisioning to process so that the future managers are trained in a way that is benefits the today’s business scenario - which is related to knowledge, skill and attitude.

The Institute and its faculty play a vital role and hence needs to be selected very carefully. The selected B-school should be the one that focuses on imparting purposeful learning to the students rather than getting obsessed with mere placements. Syllabus, pedagogy, faculty, infrastructure and facilities, industry interface, learning management system, holistic development could be the criterion while selecting the Institute to do their Management courses. B-Schools should encourage students to broaden their horizons. Students need to be exposed to a global scenario and it would be beneficial if faculty, academicians and professionals in India and abroad can bring real life problems into the pedagogy.

It is well foreseen that the demand for Management graduates would increase manifold in the foreseeable future. The aspirants thus, would need to carefully select Institutes and/or Universities that provide realistic and up-to-date knowledge; build students’ managerial, technical, analytical and behavioral skills and; develop in them right attitudes that help them prove assets for any organization.

With good job prospects, and a cosmopolitan living environment, Delhi NCR surely offers a good base to develop one’s managerial skills.

DrCharu Shri
Associate Professor and HoD
School of Management

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Is MBA degree a golden ticket to career advancement?

MBA is no doubt one of the most sought after graduate professional degrees in India. About three lakh management students graduate every year. AICTE figures indicate a steep rise in management schools from 2617 in the year 2006-07 to 3364 in the year 2013-14. Unfortunately, while the quantity is increasing, the quality has notably reduced with time. Alarmingly, out of 3,00,000 students graduating each year, hardly 35,000 are employable. The percentage of international placements is much lower than expected.

By virtue of industry being the prime taker of business graduates, there are a lot of expectations linked with management education. It is more than just the lectures, lessons and books for students. Management education is designed to inculcate decision-making skills in the students. It is imperative to make the course content dynamic to meet the agile requirements of the corporate world. The student is encouraged to imbibe adaptability and challenge driven capacity in his attitude.

Students perceive that an MBA degree is yet another professional certificate that will fetch them lucrative employment opportunities. This expectation is fundamentally flawed.The burgeoning rise in b-schools has created more supply than demand. Additionally, dynamic rise in corporate expectations makes it imperative for students to understand that knowledge and education are not the key determinants of a competent manager. Attitude and skills; be it technical, cognitive or technical must also be incorporated into a positively groomed attitude.

An aspiring management student must focus on becoming a true professional than consider the degree as a ticket to obtain a lucrative job. Below are few suggestions that aspirants may consider before finalizing their decisions to invest money and time into a two years education program.

1. Reputed management schools across the world ask students to submit a letter of intent which reflects the aspirations and career goals of a knowledge seeker. There are three key constituents of this declaration.
  a. What are the key reasons behind applying for an MBA program?
  b. What are the future career goals of the aspirant?
  c. Any past professional skill or experience?

Although this is not a mandatory exercise in all b-schools in India, it is suggested that any aspiring student must invariably carry out this exercise to fully align his objectives with the eligibility and outcomes of the program he is applying for.

2. The student must have a fair idea of his career roadmap. He must set clear career goals and identify the career fields. Many a times, it is observed that the career field the student had desired to choose did not actually require an MBA degree! Unfortunately, that realization happened after money had been spent and two vigorous years’ had already been invested!

3. Lucrative salary is definitely not the driver of management education! It is an outcome of the knowledge gained and the skills acquired during the tenure of rigorous learning. Besides, an MBA program delivers more than just a salary! It builds confidence, it imbibes skills and it sensitizes students to a number of business and management issues.

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