Monday, March 8, 2021

Marketing as a Career Choice

School of Management at The NorthCap University is highly focused on career based specializations for their students. As business, is an amalgamation of various functional areas, the school of management offers specializations in various functional areas. Marketing as a specialization or elective is one of the most demanded choice across business schools worldwide, when it comes to building of a professional business oriented career. Marketing as a career choice is preferred due to the fact that this elective choice offers a bouquet of career avenues to the future ready business marketers. Marketing as an academic function provides career choices in three broad career tracks namely Creating, Communicating and Delivering. When it comes to the Creating Track, career choices revolves around product development, brand development, research for market preferences etc. Careers in Communication Track, revolves around the portfolios of advertisement executive, media planner, content writer, search engine executive, social media manager etc. “Delivering Track” provides the career avenues in the field of sales and business development. In this track, career choices can have a platter of the job roles having inside sales, business to business sales, corporate sales, retail sales, online sales, business development, partnership alliance etc. Marketing as a career is influenced by the various technological advancements happening at a fast pace and as a result new career avenues are emerging, having integration of marketing and technology. The careers having a marketing-tech ideology includes; marketing data analyst, marketing intelligence analyst, marketing data custodian etc. Before, choosing a track within marketing, skill and competency mapping of job role vs individual is highly essential. Marketing careers are always expected to better in comparison to others, due to the fact that , businesses are always looking to hold onto their share of the market as well as expand to grab a larger chunk of the market. It is not an exaggeration to state that marketing careers attract creative and driven individuals who are passionate for “Marketing” & “Employability”. School of management ensures through live projects, experiential learning, industry oriented sessions etc. to equip the future marketers with contemporary marketing skills. It is no wonder, brands are always eager to have marketing students of school of management on their board.

Dr. Nimit Gupta, Professor

School of Management & Liberal Studies

The NorthCap University

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