Monday, February 15, 2021

What does it take to become a successful businessman?

At times, I sit down to think and find answers to some of the crucial questions vis.-
  • What makes people top performers?
  • What shall be the right career metrics to follow?
  • How to navigate the future of work amid unprecedented situations?
  • And, how shall we broaden our portfolio to build a successful career graph?
Well, to find out answers to these questions, I decided to look into the background of the career journey of successful entrepreneurs, CEO, COO that would make them shine globally. What undergraduate and graduate courses they opt for, their educational majors, and the skills they trusted the most. While exploring, I found Bachelors of Art (B.A.) and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) as the most populous among the Top CEOs. Nearly 53% of them have obtained one of these two degrees. A Bachelors of Science has been found as the third choice largest undergraduate course opted by CEOs. Meanwhile, some of the BSC degree holders were holding specializations like B.S. in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration, etc. Many professionals believe in expanding their portfolio, standing for upward mobility and career advancement. Therefore, their obvious inclination towards pursuing a management degree did not surprise me at all.

Now the question is- how a degree like Bachelors's in Business Administration is helpful? I have jotted down some genuine reasons below-
  1. Business Administration can't be just studied in classrooms. It is not just an academic course; rather, it is a practice to do, an application to pursue, and a field to explore. For instance, if a dental surgeon wants to hire someone to run his marketing campaigns, he would look for a degree first and then have the field knowledge. The degree holder will be able to relate the vital pain points for selling services.
  2. Unlike static subjects, Management is fluid. It keeps on changing every day because it has to deal with moving facts. On top of this, the fact is that top marketers can establish one thumb rule for all times to come. The management techniques that you will learn today may become obsolete after some years.
  3. Your professors shall be experienced to teach you the dynamicity with a broader view of Management along with its industrial applications. It is ok if you are indecisive about the industry wherein you want to put yourself. Instead, some of the fantastic foundation principles from the experts are always a plus.
  4. Further, a Business Administration degree helps you succeed because it will give you what you need to start a career. Additionally, one attractive proposition is that all prospective employers look to freshen up their organization with fresh blood. It provides you with lessons that you need to function in any industry.

Overall, I found that doing Bachelors in Business Administration one of the best ways to become an expert marketer, know-how contemporary business work, and design major marketing goals for future generations.

Author :-
Minakshi Sehrawat,
Assistant Professor
The NorthCap University