Monday, February 15, 2021

Placement achievements and placement opportunities for B.Tech. ECE students at The NorthCap University, Gurugram

For any organization, taking admission is start of venture and getting an opportunity to enter in any industry of interest is the end-product of that venture. Getting a good placement is combined efforts of a student and the university who is supporting the students in their holistic development and preparing them as an industry ready professional. In all the educational institutes, there is a placement cell whose roles and responsibilities are to provide a platform to the students by inviting industries to come for placement drive in the institute. These industries select the students for various positions/portfolios based on written test, GD, technical and HR round. A student needs to be strong enough in technical skills which he/she learned via various courses offered in respective course curriculum. Along with technical skills, various other factors like grooming, general knowledge, knowledge about company profile, confidence, communication skills, presentation skills, group discussions, leadership qualities, etc are helpful in getting placement in a dream company.

An institute has to work in diverse directions to get good placement records of students. Here ‘good’ can be in terms of package, core companies, prime companies, profiles etc. Different students target different companies based on their interests and expertise. To enhance expertise in a field, a student is suggested to choose subjects, projects, internships, trainings, and online courses in same field to get in-depth knowledge in that area. They are also suggested to list down their dream companies and check their websites to know about the expertise required and start working in that direction to achieve the goal.

The NorthCap University (NCU) Gurugram has a strong placement cell called SPA (School of Professional attachment) who work 24*7 to provide lot of opportunities to students for their placements and internships. The placement options start opening in the start of final year wherein lot of companies visit NCU with diverse profiles and packages and select students with relevant expertise. Getting job in hand before the completion of degree encourages students to join NCU. Students can have more than one jobs in hand before they complete their degrees, hence boosting their confidence. To achieve the goal of placing every student of NCU, lot of efforts are done from departments too. This is like arrange Pre-placement Interviews (PPI) from Industry Experts to give the feel of actual Interviews, invite experts for lectures, float value added courses, provide guidance from Alumni, Industry officials etc. Along with the efforts of departments, SPA arrange presentations, talk, trainings from relevant Industries prior to actual placement drive. 

Various companies which visit NCU for Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering (EECE) Department, NCU in past three years (including present batch) are LIDO, TCS, Postdot Technologies, Paytm payment bank, Intel, Ireland, Exicom, Deloitte, Fidelity, Jara Education, Protivti, Lutron, Blue Star, HMC MM auto, Cadd Emirates/EY Dubai, Capgemini, Express Roadways, Real Time Data Services, Nagarro, Napino, Vegazva Engineering, Eckovation, Taraspan Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), system 3, HCL Technologies, Whitehat Jr.  etc. The Package offered to the students ranges from as high as 3.5 Lakhs to 35 lakhs.

Getting an on-Campus placement is always a dream of a student entering in any Institute and achieving this goal with one or more jobs in one’s pocket is what polishes the future of a youth. 

It is rightly said:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” —Confucius

Dr. Anjali Garg
Associate Professor, EECE Dept.
The Northcap University, Gurugram