Saturday, August 29, 2020


Having theoretical knowledge of any topic is the 50% part of any subject. Another 50% part of it can be gained through practical knowledge. This combination of technical knowledge is important for any engineering applications or implementation of problem-solving techniques. 

As a technical student, our University-The NorthCap University, Gurugram provides us the basic and advance theoretical and some practical knowledge of our subjects. However, with the help of industry based live project, we get an opportunity to apply our theoretical knowledge in real world problem. During practical applications we get to know about many factors which we have not learnt during our classes and which will have large impact on our project outcomes. The NorthCap University has number of collaborations with various industries and hence provides us support in getting live project opportunities in these industries. 

For a student with a technical background, the major takeover from an Industry based live project is “Experiential learning” or “Discovery learning”. Industry based project not only influence our technical development but also help in developing research experience for undergraduate.

  • It motivates us to face challenges and find solutions of any problem, to research and resolve the issues for a fruitful output.
  • Most important it uses 21st century 4C skill viz a viz Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity skill.
Industry based live project provide us the opportunity to interact with the experts, mirroring what professional do, the way professionals execute their project and many more. Some basic skills that are enhanced by doing industry project are: -

Thinking and Understanding skill: Understanding the basics of the project and data which needs to be worked on for further improvement.

a) Try to figure out problem and their solution.

b) Get to know about new technologies in the market and how market is influenced with the advancement in technology.

Project Management skill: Working with the industry professional help us to learn:

a) How to handle our project, manage our tasks and resources with time.

b) How to identify whether moving in right direction or not, is there any more efficient way to solve any problem or what is the best way to solve a problem.

Presentation skill: Presenting our project provides us an opportunity to polish our presentation skill. It:

a) Improves our mind set regarding the ways to communicate with industry professional and outside world.

b) Improve our communication skill, confidence level, leadership quality and ability to influence the people or group.

c) The most important is that it helps in coordination, cooperation, and sense of responsibility.

For most of us we learn best by explaining, examining, and experimenting with our project. As we know “we don’t learn to walk by following rules. we learn by doing …and by falling over”.

Industry based live projects influence our technical development in such a way that it inspires and develop a lifelong learner in us and prepare us for the “real world” since that is naturally where our learning occurs.

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg,
Associate Professor-EECE Department

Mr. Mohit Yadav, 
Student-EECE Department

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