Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Education in Transition – BCom at NorthCap University

In recent years, it has been acknowledged by the education sector that there has been a lot of emphasis on core courses to be taught in undergraduate programs. The vibrant business environment demands the acquirements to be more meaningful and purposeful. Bachelor of Commerce, at The NorthCap University, has come a long way to enhance the learning experience of students. Apart from offering conventional subjects, the program is embracing the interdisciplinary approach to conceive the business world from diverse perspectives. The advent of aspects like critical thinking has enabled students to analyse various challenges of corporate houses more objectively. The current scenario of cashless economy for example has paved way for new businesses that can be operated online. Paperless offices are gaining momentum in our country and posing new challenges for upcoming employments. The university has comprehended the current trends  and integrated courses like E-Commerce in the curriculum to give a boost to the career of students. Moreover, inclusion of Fine Arts in the course would stimulate students to look across disciplinary boundaries and enhance their creative potential. The analytical skills honed by education of fine arts provide a potential to understand the underlying patterns of consumer behaviour. The integration of various courses will enrich the knowledge of students and contribute in their trajectory of success.  

Dr. Deergha Sharma
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
The NorthCap University

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