Monday, July 20, 2020

Why Study Electronics and Communication Engineering at The NorthCap University, Gurugram, Haryana

The beauty of Electronics and Communication engineering lies in its ubiquity. It has a visible impact on modern life - via smartphones, TVs, laptops, smart cars, and everything in between. Nowadays, we cannot imagine a world without electronic devices. In fact, in today's fast-evolving world, pursuing an Electronics and Communication Engineering course will put you at the forefront of the next generation of technology, where you will have a significant impact on modern life. No wonder it is then, that it is one of the most sought after courses by engineering students.

The School of Engineering & Technology, one of the top B Tech colleges in Delhi NCR, offers a wide range of courses including Electronics and Communication Engineering with two specializations. Let’s look at what these courses have to offer and why you should choose them.

B Tech in ECE (Specialization - Embedded Systems & VLSI Design)
This specialization will cover every aspect of designing and developing IC-based systems. It will impart theoretical knowledge and hands-on training in designing semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as CPU, memory and peripherals. You will learn several topics that cut across different domains, starting from the lowest level of physical devices to the top level of application development.

B Tech in ECE (Specialization - Internet of Things)
Combining elements of electronics and computer science, this specialization offers theoretical knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to develop and engineer the next generation of IoT devices and systems. By studying this program at the B Tech colleges in Delhi NCR, you will have the flexibility to explore specialized IoT topics that interest you through a choice of optional modules. The courses will be taught by experts adept at advancing IoT technologies and provide all the necessary knowhow to excel in the industry.

The above technologies have successfully disrupted our daily lives to the point that even the non-technologically inclined have started to buy into the convenience, comfort, and the valuable insights that they offer. IoT, VLSI Design & Embedded Systems are growing in importance, and their penetration in our daily lives is on the increase, too. Their global market is on track to reach $520 billion by 2021, representing a growth of about 50 percent in each successive year since 2017.

If you’re interested in studying Electronics and Communication Engineering in Haryana, you should know that admissions to The NorthCap University for the academic year 2020-21 are now open. Feel free to use the comments section to place any queries, be it about the syllabus, fee structure, campus life, hostel accommodation or placement packages.

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